Chapter Twenty-One: Tera Nezir.

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Chapter Twenty One: Tera Nezir.

   Tauren sighed. The forest was silent and deathly still. Not a single thing moved, not a single plant shone . . . nothing was there. The Cellatrunth was being careful. It wasn't attacking directly; that was the part that Tauren hated the most.

   Come on Vajik, couldn't have thought of a better plan, could you? He gulped and took a deep breath.

   SNAP! Acting on pure instinct, Tauren spun to his right, bringing his sword up to the ready. There was a deafening clash and it struck something. What, he could not see, for the night was too dark, but an earth-shattering roar split the air and he felt a heavy drag on the end of his sword.

   SMASH! There was a whoosh and his feet were kicked out from under him, and he was knocked onto his back. Somehow he managed to keep his hands on his sword. Without hesitating, whatever it was attacked him. Claws flashed in the dim starlight and pain errupted in his shoulder.

   Any time now you two! He screamed inside, his heart pounding.

   And then Vajik was there, a flaming branch in his hands, and Detrick. Together they attacked the monster; a hulking, flickering shadow. Swords flashed and roars, screeches, and yells split the night air.

   By the time Tuaren had heaved himself, panting and dripping blood, to his feet, Vajik was already raising his sword for a final blow. For a moment the blade hung there, dark and deadly, over the massive, smooth-skinned, lizard-shaped monster. Then it fell, and with a final screech, the Cellatrunth went still.

   Tauren winced, and slamming his sword into the nearest mushroom, leaned against a tree. Pain burned in his shoulder, and he knew it was a bad cut.

   “Hey? You okay?” Detrick asked suddenly, stepping over to him worriedly.

   “No!” Tauren snapped back, trying to pull his shirt back.

   Suddenly Vajik's head snapped up. In the distance a howl echoed across the distant plains, deep and powerful. “Damn!” he hissed, “We have to get out of here! NOW! More of them are on their way!”

    Tauren winced and nodded, straightening. You can take this! You don't have time not to! He ordered himself firmly. No small cut was going to take him down.

   Detrick rolled his eyes, deciding Tauren was fine, and nodded to Vajik, “I'll get the girl and our things! Meet you here in a moment!”

   “Hurry!” Vajik ordered.

   Instantly the older man stepped over to Tauren, Vajik hurrying off in the direction of the cave. He raised his hands to Taurens shoulder, but he slapped them away, “I'll be fine!” he said, “Really! It hardly hurts! We have to get moving!”

   Vajik looked deep into his eyes for a moment, then nodding, wiped his sword clean on the mushrooms and followed Detrick. Tauren winced when he was gone. His shoulder would need attending too, but not now. Slowly he raised the torch left by Detrick and stepped over to the dead Cellatrunth.

   It was a truly majestic creature, skin as smooth as polished wood, reflecting the light softly. From what he could see, it appeared to be a deep electric blue/ green color, with reddish streaks cutting their way up its sides. It's head was massive, long and bony, with six front teeth, all long and razor sharp fangs. The legs were massive, with thin, razor-sharp claws

   He shook his head. What a pity to kill such a beautiful beast. It has to be done. Slowly he reached down and closed its eyes, it's the least I can do, and then turning, slipped back into the trees in the direction the others had gone.

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