Chapter Nineteen: Mind Training Center.

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Tauren came-to an hour later, his eyes slowly opened, and he found himself looking up at the roof of a sandy cave. . . . He carefully rolled his head to the side and looked about himself, aware of the dull throbbing in his upper back, ribs, and shoulder. He was in a sandy, wet, mossy, mushroom filled cave, lit by a small fire crackling out toward the entrance.

   He recognized it instantly. They were back in the forest.

    Suddenly a figure appeared out of the haze that clouded his vision to an odd blur and stepped over to him. It was the girl, Leaenya, an almost worried frown on her face.” How do you feel?” She asked, not trying to show her sincerity.

    He almost grinned.” I’ve been better, I have a question too . . . How am I?”

    She almost smiled, he knew it. She had been just about to smile but had stopped herself. He had sensed it.” You’re hurt pretty bad, but Vajik says you are healing un-naturally quickly. You have a bad cut on your side, shoulder, and back . . . “She looked down at him, looking slightly revolted.” It will scar, but you should be better in another day, at this rate.” That was a brave thing you did.

    Tauren frowned, the last words echoed through his mind, softer and gentler than Red’s voice. He looked up at Leaenya.” Did you just say something?”

    He felt annoyance pass through her.” Yes, I did.” She stood and turned to leave.

   But he held out a hand to stop her, not wanting to be left alone.” Stay please?” He said weakly.

    She sighed and sat back down. He felt emotions going through his mind, and every now and then thoughts, that where not his own. . . . He frowned, he was certain that they were hers. His thoughts instantly returned to his strange talk with Red in his magical filing box/training center. Maybe one of his abilities was reading minds . . . .?

    Suddenly another figure appeared, it was Detrick, looking rather chagrined.” Hey Tauren” He muttered, looking down on his friend.

    Tauren looked up him, wondering what was wrong.” Hey Detrick. We’re in that forest again? Aren’t we?”

    Detrick nodded. There was a few moments of silence between them, during which Tauren tried futilely to read Detricks mind. It must just work with Leaenya.” Tauren I’m sorry.” Detrick finally burst out.” I’m sorry that I didn’t stay behind like you did! If I had maybe you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. . . .” Tears glistened in his eyes.” I’m sorry, I don’t know why I didn’t, I just didn’t . . .”


   Tauren held up a hand weakly.” It’s okay Detrick! You did as I asked. If you’d gotten in, then we’d both be hurt, and there’d be nobody here to look after me, to hunt, to survive . . . Don’t beat yourself up about it, you did great!”

    Detrick shook his head in appreciation.” Thanks Tauren”

    “Really, Detrick.” Tauren tried to sit up, but fell back, pain lancing up his side.” Thanks for being here at all. . . .”

    Detrick sat down beside him.” I’d advise not trying to get up, you’ll just hurt yourself.” He sighed and stood.

    Just then Vajik stepped forward and knelt down next to Tauren.” You okay, boy?”

    Tauren nodded.” Yeah, I’m feeling a lot better.”

    Vajik smiled.” You’re healing at a very, very fast rate. You should be better soon. And Tauren, that was a brave thing you did back there, risking your life, and destroying that Death Racer. What I want to know is how you did it?”

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