Chapter Sixteen: An Unexpected Turn.

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Chapter Sixteen: An Unexpected Turn.

   Tauren glared up at the forest, towering in front of them, leafy branches stretching above him. Their horses were gone, their weapons were gone, their supplies were gone, and now, finally, their job had run off as well. How bad can this day get? Tauren growled to himself, before readying his sword and slipping between the trunks of the trees and entering into the forest.

   Detrick stepped in behind him, nervously keeping his spear always at the ready." I preferred the plain." He muttered.

   Why go into the forest? Because: it was the obvious place for the girl to go. Usually Tauren would have preferred the forest as well, he always had, but this forest didn't feel friendly. It felt ancient, menacing, and dark. It felt as though some horrible beast might leap out at you at any moment.

   The trees were oddly different than any he had ever seen too, their leaves were long and stringy, some hanging all the way to the ground. What of the ebony black trunks that weren't covered with long, silky moss was glossy and shining, as though regularly polished. The ground wasn't covered in either grass or dead leaves, but in odd, colorful, spongy mushrooms, about nine inches high.

   It was beautiful, in a poisonous, deadly sort of way.

   As they walked forward, placing their feet with utmost care, they heard all kinds of rustlings, squeaking’s, and grunting’s in the mushroom underbrush as little creatures darted away from them.


   "This is one strange forest." Detrick growled as he heard a loud squeak and watched a small, rat like creature with long, thin antennae, leap off of a tree and scuttle away into the mushrooms.

   "I am not sleeping in this forest!" He announced a moment later as he smashed a particularly large electric blue mushroom and it burst into a cloud of gigantic black flys that quickly buzzed away.

   Tauren nodded and glared up at the faint green light that shone through the treetops showing were the sun was. They had another hour still before they'd have to get back out. He sighed and went back to carefully scanning the mushrooms for any sign of human passage, if there was a good thing about them, he decided, they made easy to follow tracks, and they made practically no sound when you stepped on them.

   Slowly he stepped over another of the electric blue mushrooms, careful not to touch it, and then was just about to take another step when there was a flash of steel in front of him. He felt a cold line of steel being pressed against his throat and a voice hissed next to him." One move and you're dead."

   He froze.

   Slowly he turned his eyes, up the blade of a sword they went, then on, along an armored arm, and finally they rested on a face. It was Vajik.

   He was practically unrecognizable, his face was covered with blood that seeped from a long slice across his cheek, forehead, and eye, his hair was matted with blood, his armor was stained and bloody as well, and his sword was bent so badly it might have well have been a scythe.


   “Tauren” Vajik sighed, and to Taurens amazement he sank down to his knees, his sword falling from his grasp.” Thank the gods. . . . At the time when I needed help, I found it.”

   Tauren stood there, his mouth open, his throat still stinging form were the sword had been pressed against it, amazed. Vajik looked worse off than he appeared on the outside, it was obvious that he was tired out and that he wouldn’t last long without help. Tauren looked down at his blood stained face and cloak, would he leave this man here? He was a Halavarde? Wasn’t he? What did he owe this man?

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