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"-i hate him so much. so fucking much. he hurt me and left me to pick up my pieces and fix myself. that took me forever and now he just-" jimin took a break from his rant to gulp down another shot of the strong and bitter alcohol. "-appears in my life again. it's hurting me even more hyung."

"jimin i think that's enough drinks." seokjin looked at his friend worryingly and full of concern.

"so? what does it matter? you know what. i'm going to call him and i'm going to tell him how i feel. everything."

"but didn't you say all you had to in your letters? i thought you said you were happy that he contacted you." jimin shrugged.

"it's been seven months. things change. plus we stopped talking three months ago." jimin fumbled for his phone and scrolled through his contacts till he found the one he was looking for.


"that's me."

"why are you calling me?"

"because i wanted to tell you that i hate you jeon jungkook. i hate you for hurting me like this, for leaving me broken, for disappearing and appearing in my life like a fucking magician. i hate you for that. but...i also love you. i love your voice, your kisses, hugs, cuddles, your everything. and what i'm saying is that i want to let you in but i can't. not after everything you've done to me."

"jimin i-"

"no stop. and do you want to know why i came to london? yes it was to study but it was also supposed to make moving on from you easier. but that didn't succeed. i missed you even more if that's possible."

"jimin, can you do something for me?"

"i spill out all my fucking feelings for you and you ask me for a favour?"

"just turn around." jimin obeyed jungkook and slowly turned around on the bar stool. before jimin had the chance to say or do anything, he was pulled into a hug.

"i'm sorry jimin." jimin pulled away from the hug (he didn't really want to) and looked at jungkook in front of him.

"are you real? have i been drinking too much? why are you here?"

"yes this is real, you've had quite a few drinks but you're not imagining this and hoseok gave me those letters you wrote."

"letters? letters...oh my god."

jungkook nodded, "i know you haven't forgiven me yet but i'm going to do whatever it takes to gain back your trust."


"because i love you too."

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