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Set Up

The way this is set up will allow us to have one early contest at the beginning of the month, and one late contest at the end of the month.

For example, 1/2/2016 to 1/16/2016 would be the early January contest, and then the next two weeks would consist of judging and promo. But on 1/18/2016, the late contest of January would begin. And that contest's judging week and promotion would occur in February.

Writing Ahead

We'd like for you to enter a one-shot that was written in the two week time period. Although you can write ahead of time, we don't really know how, for we won't post the prompt until the day  the contest starts. The second the contest starts, you can tag your book with the appropriate tag.


Once your one-shot is tagged, we won't read it unless it says completed. That is the only way your story can be judged ahead of time. Please note, the second you change the status to complete, you can't go back and change things, then expect us to re-judge your piece. If your piece is not labeled complete when the deadlines up, it will just be graded and judged during the week after.


If you do win a critique, you can request when you'd like it, where (chapter/area wise), and/or what feedback you are looking for. This will occur sometime during the week of promotion or later if requested.


Promo includes but is not limited to being added into the promotion reading list, a shout-out from each judge's profile and the #StopSlutShaming account, and earning a spot on the winners page.


Selected or requested judges will judge with the given rubric. Although all judges should (and will) judge fairly, please contact us if you feel like you were judged unfair. We will then have to go out of our own time to judge you personally. If we find out that you were in fact judged fair, but you just didn't like the results, then we'll have to take appropriate action. 

If you win a judging spot, we'll contact you multiple times through the contest period so you'll know all the information you'll need.

If you would like to judge during a contest/round, please inbox us for more details! 


+ Entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted, no exceptions.

+ We do offer judging spots and request them, but we will have to decline sometimes.

+ After winners are announced, please give us three to ten days to send out our critiques.

Any other things we didn't cover? Let us know!

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