CLOSED #LateJanS16 [Prompt 1]

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Hello, guys! Late January consisted of Monday the 18th to Sunday the 31st. All entries were denied if they were not submitted in the month of January. 

The hashtag for this contest was #LateJanS16

If you did not tag your book with the hashtag, it was not a valid entry. If you reached your tag limit, you should have tagged #LateJanS16 at the beginning of the one-shot and dedicated the chapter to us.  

| Prompt |

A new student gets harassed (in/after/during) gym class (for/because of/after) wearing clothes that are more revealing than the gym uniform. On the sidelines, others/someone watch(es) the scene. Write a one-shot about a student (or students) standing up for what's right.

| Guided Prompt |

It's the second semester of school and as you dress out in the locker room, you can't help but notice a new student changing in the corner. Because she hasn't received the gym uniform yet- knee-length shorts and a shirt- you assume she brought clothes with her. Sure enough, she pulls out a pair of shorts and a shirt before changing quickly.

With a shrug, you grab your water bottle and begin to exit the locker room when you suddenly hear a grunt. Turning around, you see the new student being pushed against a gym locker.

"What a slut," one of the girls surrounding her says as another laugh in agreement. "Lesbian too," another added, "trying to lure in the girls with her revealing outfit."

You stand still in the background as one of the other classmates grabs the student by her hair and pulls her head towards her. "What do you think you're doing, dressing like that? It's your first day and you can't even resist whoring around."

The student whimpers and shakes her head. You stand froze in your spot as you watch the new girl get harassed again before your eyes lock with hers. Wide eyes stare back at you, asking you what you're going to do. Begging you.

What do you do? What do you say? Do you go get help? Do you decide to solve the issue later?

For this contest, there was only one 1st place winner, one 2nd place winner, and one 3rd place winners.

1st: AMEN adulate_

2nd: New Girl New World FunnyWeirdChick

3rd: Ephemeral @_ellipsism_

Check out their one-shots, they were all beautifully written.

#LateJanS16 ended on Sunday the 31st, at 11:59pm. The last day of January. No expectations were made regarding late entries. 

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