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Pen Your Pride

YOUS ARE AMAZING!! 15,000+ reads in 3 days OMG!! Because of that I am updating early for you's I laughed at some of the comments, I know right how embarrassing but.....


Oh god.

My heart was racing. Covering my body with the blanket, I looked over to see him standing at the doorway. It was dark, but the hallway light shone in, showing me the outline of his body. He stood there holding the door knob for a few seconds, swaying slightly. His stance looked off.

Frozen in my spot. Did he hear me?

He stumbled into the room. Tripping over his feet, he landed flat on the ground. Was he drunk? Running over and switching on the light, I could smell the alcohol all over him.

"Are you okay, Colton?" I tried picking him up, but he was too heavy. I didn't even hear him come through the front door. No wonder. I was too busy.

"Ash...?" he slurred, sounding confused and looking around. He stopped and looked back at me. "Whoops. Wrong room." He chuckled lightly, starting to doze off. God. He was wasted. "Did I wake you? I'm ... sorry if I did, Ash," he said, still slurring, at least confirming that he hadn't heard me.

Phew. Thank god. Thinking back to it now, I shouldn't have done that. Touching myself thinking of him. I turned bright red, embarrassed and ashamed. Colton could have heard. Even worse, our parents.

"No, it's okay." Trust me. You didn't wake me up.

Realising that his head was now lying in my lap, he slowly wrapped his arms around my waist. I stilled, not knowing what to do. Should I move him?

His breathing slowed. I could hear light snores coming from him. He had fallen asleep.

Brushing light soft strokes through his hair, I smiled, looking down at him. He looked so cute. This was the closest we'd ever been or touched. My stomach fluttered in happiness.

Circling his arms tighter he hummed an "mmm" in appreciation. Enjoying having his hair stroked, he nestled into me, pushing me backwards. I landed at the bottom of my bed with Colton toppling into me, in between my legs.

Oh god!

He chuckled softly into the crook of my neck, moving his hips slightly upwards in between my legs. I gasped at the movement. My clit was still sensitive from my touching before. He trailed his arm up my thigh while placing a wet kisses on my neck. I bit back a moan.

Oh god, what the hell is happening. This cannot be happening.

"Alexis ... baby," he breathed in my ear, continuing his kisses. Alexis? Oh god, he still thought I was Alexis. Pushing him off a little too hard, he landed at my side, eyes closed, mumbling something. Then he completely stopped.

"Colton." I shook him but nothing. Looking over him, he was completely passed out. Are you serious?

Colton was really fucked up tonight. So was this whole night. I couldn't believe what had just happened. He thought I was Alexis.

I'd thought maybe, for a second there, that it was for me. Yeah, right. Don't be stupid, Ashlyn. Colton would never do anything like that with me even if he was intoxicated. It was all for his one and only Alexis.

I was tired. Sighing, I took his shoes off and put a blanket on him. Goodnight, Colton.


Waking up, my back was sore. God this couch is uncomfortable. I'd slept on the couch in my room; since Colton took over my bed, I'd decided to sleep here. I didn't want to sleep next to him. He'd probably wake up shocked to see me.

Looking over at him, Colton was still in the same position I left him in: legs half off the bed. I chuckled. He'd been so out of it last night; I'd never seen him so drunk. Lucky that mom and Carlos were out this morning, taking Reuben to the Field Markets. I could imagine what they would think if they saw Colton in here.

I could hear Colton grunting. Sounding like he was in pain, he slowly tried to pull himself up. I felt sorry for him. He must've had a hangover.

"Colton," I called out, moving to stand next to the bed. Quickly turning, he looked up with hooded eyelids. He could barely open them.

"Ash?" He groaned, wiping his mouth. He had drool on his face. He blinked a few times, trying to clear his sleepy haze. Looking around, he realised he was in my bedroom.

"What am I doing in here?" he mumbled, looking confused. Did he not remember anything?

"Don't you remember?" I asked him, raising my eyebrow.

He shook his head. "Wait … I remember falling over somewhere, but that's it. What happened?"

I explained how he stumbled into the wrong room. He remembered the fall, but after that, absolutely nothing. Of course I left out the part of what happened at the bed; if he didn't remember, what was the point in telling him? Plus, I couldn't tell him the tricky situation we were in.

"Wow. I don't remember any of that. I was so out of it last night. It's all a blur," he said, shaking his head. "I'm so sorry, Ash. I took over your bed. Where did you sleep?"

"It's okay, Colton. You passed out. I just slept on the couch," I said, pointing over to the couch.

"You could have just slept on the bed with me, or moved me," he said, looking up at me.

I smiled looking down. "The couch was fine," I replied. Liar! It so was not. "Yeah right, Colton. I wouldn't be able to move you. You're too heavy."

He chuckled. "Are you calling me fat? Because this," he motioned towards his body flexing his arms, "is all muscle." Giggling. He was playing with me. Rolling my eyes, we both started laughing. God, he was so full of himself. But he was funny.

Colton sat up. "So, how was Reuben last night?" he asked, yawning.

"He was good. He was actually entertaining last night." I smiled, remembering Reuben showing me how to play Skylanders on PlayStation.

"That's good. I'm glad he was good for you."

"He's always good for me. He's such a good kid"

Colton smiled at me "He adores you, Ash."

"Not as much as you," I replied.

Colton grinned, nodding his head. "God, I feel like shit. I better go take a shower. I smell like alcohol." He tried to get up. "Woo, head spins." He rubbed his head, sitting back down.

"Here, I'll go get you some aspirin and water," I offered.

He nodded. "Thanks, Ash."

Filling up a glass of water, I searched in the medicine cabinet for the aspirin and grabbed two tablets—and a banana, apparently there just for hangovers.

Walking up the stairs toward my room I called out before entering. "I also brought you a banana, apparently they're good for a hangover. Hopefully it helps…" I trailed off walking in, looking over to him. He had his back to me, leaning forward, looking at something.

Turning his head slightly, looking over his shoulder, he looked angry; what was up with him?

He turned to fully face me; he had something in his hand. I went wide eyed with shock.

In his hand was my diary: my diary of my fantasies about Colton. "What the hell is this?" he growled, holding the diary up. It was open.

Oh god, no! He's read it.


Uh oh, Cliffhanger again I know I'm mean, sorry guys.

Oh no he's found it!

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