Stranger does not technically mean danger.

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Chapter 2

This kid would just not quit it. For goodness sake, get a life. Although I shouldn't have really called him a kid, he had to be at least a year older than me. He had small amounts of stubble on his chin and lord; in the shirt he was wearing I could see his pecs. 

Holy shit.

He was pretty hot. That's okay, I could handle hot and cute and...I had to pay attention. There was a reason Cas told me to stay away from him. I just had to figure out what it was. I could not begin to like him. I would not begin to like him. 

Now that I'd met Ramie my curiosity had raised I needed to know what his deal was. 

Oh, this would be fun.

This would be very fun. I had to figure out why Cas wanted me to stay away from me. He didn't look dangerous, but then again neither did I. I looked like a sweet innocent little blond teen with a pretty smile and big green eyes. 

Ha, that's actually really funny. Me. Sweet? Fat chance. I almost laughed at the thought.

I turned fully towards him, putting on my best straight teeth smile. His dark eyebrows rose, his face still etched with humor. 

"So Ramie right?" I inched closer fluttering my eyelashes in the dark night, the bonfire warming me and providing light. I hoped I looked like one of those cute eyelash flutters from the rom coms I watched when dad wasn’t around. He hated them and he made sure his voice was heard on the matter.

“Yes. You still haven’t mentioned who you are?”

“The names Molly,” I hoped I looked convincing enough as a bit of a flirt. Truth be told, the most flirting I’d done was…

I actually hadn’t flirted before.

Wow, I was a very good first time flirter.

At least I hoped I was.

“Pretty name for a pretty girl,”

“That was lame Ramie,” I said before I could stop myself. I had no filter system; I had no idea how to talk to people. I almost apologized and then realized I had done nothing wrong. It had been lame.

Plus, Ramie was definitely trying to hide a grin. I didn’t feel bad.

“Fine, I’ll admit that was lame,”

“It was a nice try though.”


“No,” I shook my head with a small smile, “it actually was really bad.”

He chuckled.

I found I liked that sound.

I squinted at my hands. What on earth was wrong with me? I gulped. It had finally happened.

I had finally gotten a…crush…I had a crush on a cute guy. I should’ve been pleased about this. I had found someone I was attracted too.

For someone like me this should have been momentous.

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