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The voices started while I was walking down the high street in a little town in the mid west, somewhere between nowhere and beyond. The high street didn't consist of much. A few general stores were scattered around with pubs and bars surrounding them.
At first I thought one of the bars was really full and the voices were coming from there. But I noticed as I walked that the voices were whispers, broken sentences.
I turned around hearing voices from behind.

"Hello?" I called, but the street was basically empty.

"...I lost it all...."
"...stupid girl..."
"...asked for no bacon..."

No bacon? That is stupid.

"Do you hear that?" I turned to Ramie who walked a step ahead of me.

"I don't hear anything?" He said, giving me a questioning look

"The voices? They won't stop..." The whispering got louder and I couldn't handle it.
"Make it stop," I cried, my ears were beginning to hurt from the constant noise.
"...I know she loves these flowers..."
"...another beer..."
"....hurry up..."

I blinked trying to concentrate on Ramie but it was hard with all the voices.
"I'm going crazy!" I shouted, over the noise that only I could hear.
The pain got worse and as I stood there I noticed the noise was getting worse as well.
"Molly...your nose..."
I touched under my nose, blood was dripping slowly out. The world was spinning with all of the voices.
"Make it stop,"

There was nothing he could say as he looked at the love of his life. She had been crying all night. Which was so unlike her. She was more of a fighter than he'd ever been.
He believed her, when she said she thought it would be her who was cursed. But maybe she'd been stupid to trust angels. They were after all almost has conniving as demons.
"Dean, please forgive me,"
He didn't say anything as she begged him to forgive her.
He knew what he had to do.
He had to speak to a demon. He'd sell his soul for her.
He'd do anything for his girls.
Then everything would be alright.

He jumped as the room shook.
"I don't know what to do," Ramie was holding something....someone in his arms.
"Molly?" Mackinley was up before Dean was.
"What's happened to her?" Dean demanded, as Mackinley guided Ramie to the cheap motel bed. Molly had blood pouring out her eyes, ears and nose. There even seemed to be blood all over her mouth.
"She started saying she could hear voices. But there were no voices around,"
"Let's get her cleaned up. Then it's time to get some fucking answers," Mackinley said determined.

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