Part of the truth.

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I haven't seen Supernatural since the end of season five, so I have no idea what happens. So from now on I will not entwine the series with this story, but of course there will be Dean, Sammy, Cas and all the other awesome characters that we know and love J

This chapter is not edited, so sorry for any errors in grammar/punctuation/everything else. Hope you enjoy.

He'd be back soon. She knew he'd be back, that god like man she had seen do many extraordinary things. She could not believe. She refused to believe he could do all those things.

He'd flown, she remembered. So high in the sky she had felt she must be dreaming. He could disappear in an instant and return just as quickly. His strength was unbelievable and he never got hurt.

She knew he loved her. There was no doubt about that. She loved him too. In fact she loved him so much sometimes it hurt. Sometimes she hurt so much and never knew why. If she believed in all this, she would say they were supernaturally entwined together. That when she hurt, he hurt and vice-versa. She blinked breathing hard, she was sure she'd heard a creak. She looked down at her petty coat. He'd gotten it for her. Her lovely one. Her lovely one who must be a demon, for no other creature could have power like that.

"Where are you going love?"

She closed her eyes, letting out a breath. She turned around from the suitcase she had been hurriedly packing. She almost smiled; it was more of a sad smile than anything. She looked him up and down.

Noting everything about him. Tear sprung to her eyes, she wasn't starting to hurt again. The pain radiated through her belly, all the way to her back. She hurt again. Just seeing him hurt.

"What's wrong?" he was next to her with a blink. He had lovely dark curls that she had often brushed back and deep eyes. It had been love at first sight.

She didn't bother lying; he always knew when she was lying.

"You," she said, still keeping eye contact, "you're not human."

His face contorted in pain.

"No," he didn't deny it. How could he lie to his angel?

Tears dripped from her eyes, this hurt too much. Her heart was breaking.

"Ramie," she gasped as she felt the pain begin to tingle in her back.

"Don't do this," he looked at the ceiling, "please," his voice was full of pain. "I'll do anything. I swear, just don't take her from me."

His hold on her was beginning to hurt.


"NO!" he screamed as she disappeared beneath his fingertips.

"No," this time his voice cracked, he fell to his knees weak inside and out.

"You knew this would happen," Ramie looked up at the other angel. Castiel had on a grim face. He was all-serious. Ramie's tears did not go unnoticed.

"You knew this would happen when you took the apple,"

For whoever said that Eve took temptation was a liar. It was all Adam.


I frowned at Ramie, he arrived moments before but something was off. I could feel it around him; I swear it even had a taste. I looked at him closely; nothing physically had changed since I'd seen him ten minutes ago. His dark hair was still as curly, his mouth frowning down and his eyes avoided mine.

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