I repeat, I do not have wings.

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I sat across from my mother. My mother? That sounded so weird. My mother. I hadn’t had a mother in…a very long time. One second I had been pondering over Ramie, the next I was sitting in the café across from the motel, across from my mother. The woman I couldn't remember was my mother.

Again with the my mother?

I had one of those again. I had mixed feelings towards that.

I had dreamt about my mum for years. I’d daydreamed about what my life would have been like if she had lived after the djinn. If I hadn’t become a hunter and dad hadn’t made me come along with him around the world. I had been to England, France, Spain, China, Canada and Japan all using fake passports.

I’d wondered how we might spend some time together, if she’d ever teach me how to cook. Dad had said she was an amazing cook.

“So…?” I bit my lip and tapped my fingers against the café’s table.

“This is awkward,” Mackinley laughed. She had a nice laugh; it reminded me of chimes clear and light.

I couldn’t help agreeing with her; this was possibly one of the most awkward situations I’d been in. My mother sat across from me, along with dad and uncle Sammy sat next to me. Ramie sat on the other side of me. He’d some how managed to entwine his hands with mine. Dad kept giving him evil’s with his green eyes. I would have laughed if I didn’t feel so damn…awkward

I liked the warmth his hand gave me; it was a strange feeling almost like being wrapped in a blanket. I could feel his light and I really, really wanted to dislike it. But I couldn’t, it was the best feeling in the world to have this light so incredibly close to me.

“Yeah it is,” Sammy agreed taking a sip of his gross vanilla ice latte.

“I’ve missed the smells,” Mackinley had her nose by her coffee cup, every few minutes she’d dip her head and inhale the scent of roasted coffee beans. It was almost frightening to watch someone experience something you took for granted everyday. She had already eaten two cheeseburgers with fries and had ordered cherry and apple pie slices for us all.

“There’s nothing like pie,” she had whispered.

For a person who was supposed to be my mother, she was nothing like me.

Except her eyes.

I had the exact shade of green she had.

“It’s so weird. I forgot how much like your mother you are,” dad said when the waitress came back with ten slices of pie. Yeah, she was weird. But she had been dead for like…what? Fifteen years? I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Everybody deserved a chance.

Even if she was a stranger. She seemed to know a lot about me, but I knew nothing and I mean nothing about her. Except, you know, she was my mum.

And dad loved her. He loved her a lot. One look into his emeralds and I could tell he was a smitten kitten hunter. A grown adult old man smitten kitten hunter.

It was like watching a glass get smashed backwards. The pieces fitting together like they were being glued, it fit so perfect. I had never seen my dad smile like he had then. It wasn’t his sarcastic smirk either. Honest to god it was a genuine smile. It was almost unreal to see the effect she had on him, like a recovering alcoholic having his first whiskey in fifteen years. He was savouring every moment. 

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