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To celebrate, not only my last math exam ever but also that the first of this series “OMG I’m in Supernatural” got up to 100 000 reads!!!! Cannot believe it, so thank you to everyone who has read it and now continues to read the sequel.

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I’d grown up knowing that vampires, angels and creatures of the night were real. But let’s face it, when you are human one day, and then later that very same day, you turn into an angel, it does bode a hint of surprise.

My heart thumped beneath my tank top as I looked down at the tiny people below. The wind howled loudly around us, I wanted so badly to step back but Ramie’s hand was on my lower back and he wouldn’t let me step back. I gulped nervously. I wasn’t afraid of heights per say, but I didn’t like Ramie’s idea either.

After I’d had a shower and changed, Ramie had (what I liked to call) transported us to the top of a skyscraper in New York.

I was standing at the very top of a skyscraper ready to jump off.

Not by choice.

Ramie thought it would be “fun”. I thought he was an idiot who wanted to get me killed.

“I really don’t think…”

“Come on Molly. You can fly now, why not…”

“First of all I hate being interrupted, so don’t do that again. Second I am going to die if I jump of this stupid building,” I tried to get him to let me step down but he held tighter. Stupid angel.

“Heard that,” he muttered amused, “and no you won’t die. Okay, on three. One…” he smiled, making me loose a slight of my anger. His bright eyes made me want to melt in them and it was stupid of me.

“Ramie don’t…”

“Two…” he grinned wider, his white teeth showing.

Before I could take a deep breath we were flying through the air. My heartbeat went wild but I felt safe with Ramie’s arms around me. We were speeding down a building.

“Think of a place you want to be,” he shouted into my ear above the noise of the whooshing air around us.

I closed my eyes thinking of any place that wasn’t here. My stomach churned and my heart thumped loudly in my chest. I was going to die. We must have been falling at, at least one hundred miles. I thought of a meadow.

This meadow was one I’d gone to when I was twelve. My dad and Sammy had left me in the motel, but I’d wondered of. My dad was the type of idiot that left his kid in the motel. Not that I’m blaming him, he had a creature of the night to kill. I was too young to help (or dad just didn’t want me to help) and dad didn’t wanna risk me.

I thought of the flowers of the meadow, the way the sunlight shone on my skin that day. I had decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt, ones that uncle Sammy had gotten when we went shopping for my birthday. Daddy had slept in the entire day and Sammy thought it would be a good idea for me to get out. Sam had been teaching me since before I could remember. He was the best teacher, always patient and kind. Dad had tried, at first he was fine but weeks on he gave Sam the job. Uncle Sam didn’t seem to mind though.

I’d finished my lessons for the day and uncle Sammy had gone to join dad at the house by the creek. I’d literally just opened the door and walked out. There was no one to tell me off, no one to stop me from going anywhere I wanted. So I walked, I walked across the street. It wasn’t busy, the five to seven traffic was still hours away.

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