Chapter Two

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i actually got a lot of positive feedback after one day, and a bunch of people wanting uploads, so... here's chapter two! thanks so much for everything so far! vote, comment, fan, do it all! love you guys

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Mr. Fret glanced at me. “You have the Whiteravens’? Oh, WOW!”

“What’s the deal with them?” I asked.

“They are the most popular boys here, of course! Seven senior boys, all good looking, all smart, all in sports, all good with the ladies… it’s very easy to like them. They were adopted; they’re not related, in case you were wondering. Better to get the details from them,” Mr. Fret said.

“When you say ‘good with the ladies,’ what does that mean, exactly?”

“As in, if this wasn’t a boys only school, we would have quite a lot of problems with them and the other girls,” he said gravely. “Like… a LOT.”

“And they’re my roommates? Joy,” I groaned.

“Honestly, Anna, they’re very likeable young men. And if you disagree with them TOO much, then you can always switch dorms. But, knowing Mr. Seymour, I don’t think the chances are very good with you,” he said. “Plus, a lot of the boys here are much worse. Not girl wise,” he said, seeing my look, “but behavior wise. I don’t think you want a group of boys who won’t hesitate to do whatever they like with you.”

I shuddered.

“We picked the boys we thought were likely to treat you normally, not as a girl. I mean, they’ll treat you like a girl, but it won’t be in a degrading way,” he explained.

“How do you know all this, Mr. Fret?” I said, amazed.

“What, you think we teachers don’t listen to our students when they gossip? We have one teacher who wears a hearing aid, not because he needs it, but because he can listen to the students’ conversations. And, well, you’re not exactly quiet when you talk. Whispering is not whispering to us. We find out all the juicy gossip quite easily. Who’s going out with who, who got who pregnant, who cheated on who with who, who got in a fight with who, all that stuff,” Mr. Fret said.

“I guess I never thought of that,” I muttered. “What do you do when the teacher hears something about them?”

“Have you never wondered why teachers single out a couple kids to hate?” was all he said.

“Oh, so that’s why my teachers started to hate me when I learned how to cuss,” I said.

“That’s why,” Mr. Fret agreed. “Now, Anna, when we’re here, be careful not to get on anyone’s nerves. You’re new, so people will gossip about you; we started classes about two weeks ago. You’re also a girl-”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed,” I said sarcastically.

“-and you probably shouldn’t do that in class,” he said pointedly. “You’re also a girl, so guys will mess with you. Shake it off, and hope for the best!” he screeched to a halt, and I was thrown forward in my seat.

“Holy crap!” I was trying my best not to cuss, as i had been suspended for ten days at my old school for cussing out a guy because he stepped on my foot. I didn't like getting suspended. It was incredibly boring, plus, I really did want to get into a college one day.

“Sorry, the driveway always gets me,” he apologized, turning right and down the long, paved driveway. I looked out the window. There were four different buildings, each very large. Another big building with the words ‘GYM’ and ‘CAFETERIA’ were printed in big block letters on the sides.

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