Boys, Boys, Boys {Ch.13}

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I have to admit she looked beautiful as always “I heard what happened from the alpha! I’m so sorry honey” She wailed sitting down next to Adrian and threading her arm through his.

“Its fine, I’m staying at Monet’s house” He said and I expected some kind of hateful glare from her but she just sent a grateful smile my way.

“That’s great” She smiled and I felt my anger at her melt away, No matter how much my I tried to stay mad at her I couldn’t let a guy come between us.

I smiled back at her saw the kids playing. Gavin and Hayden looked to be playing hide and seek or some variation of the game and Carson and Alessa seemed to just be swinging and conversing with each other occasionally.

“So what are you guys doing here?” Harley asked casually.

“It’s Adam and Sammy’s anniversary and they asked if I could watch the pups, I didn’t want to go alone so I dragged your boy toy with me” I answered earning a glare from Adrian.

Harley laughed “What are you doing here?” Adrian asked nicely.

“I needed a walk to think about some things” She said. I looked confused but didn’t push the issue farther.

“So are you still going to be at school?” She asked Adrian.

He looked unsure then looked my way looking for an answer “Yeah he just has to have one of us with him at all times” I nodded

She grinned “That shouldn’t be hard half the school population are werewolves” She said.

“But they have to be ones we trust” I told her.

“Oh I guess that does narrow it down then” I nodded “But I don’t think Donavan or Skye will be up for watching him” She added with a laugh. She’s laughing about this? See why I love her so much?

I smiled “I know right, they almost killed him” I said.

“I know! His face was priceless” She laughed imitating his face in a stupid way. It’s like this every time we fight we always end up making fun of it and are great friends again.

“I’m right here you know” Adrian deadpanned and we just laughed hysterically.

All of a sudden I felt a little hand on my leg and looked down to see Carson and Alessa “We want someone to come play with us” Carson said as Alessa nodded.

“Go play with them Adrian, Give us some girl time” Harley said shooing him.

“Earlier this week I couldn’t get you away from me and know your running me off” He grumbled.

“I would take my friends over you” She said and I stuck my tongue out at him which he returned to me running over to the playground with the kids.

“Listen about the beach...” I started. I was going to apologize, I had overreacted.

She cut me off “I’m sorry about that” She said looking down.

“I’m sorry to, I overreacted” I said and there was an awkward silence.

“So are you going to the masquerade dance next week?” She asked out of the blue. I had forgotten about the annual masquerade dance the school has every year. I remember my freshman year I went with a boy named Arlie, he was tall and lanky but it suited him. He was a nerdy boy but a sweetheart; he ended up spilling punch all over my white dress and apologized five hundred times I couldn’t get him to shut up. He actually moved away junior year. Ever since then I have went by myself every year no matter how many guys asked. It usually ended up as Jay claiming me as her date and making a scene proclaiming her ‘love’ to me in the middle of the dance floor every year. I’m friends with some weird people.

“I forgot all about it really” I admitted sheepishly. “But yeah, I’ll probably go alone as usual” I grinned.

“You need a date! How about that Jace guy? He seemed interested” Harley winked and I scrunched my nose up “What? If I wasn’t taken I would have grabbed him” She laughed and I gave her a smile but was still disturbed. “Oh I know!” She exclaimed suddenly “We can all go dress shopping, how about after you get off work tomorrow?” She clapped her hand together. I assumed by us she meant me, her, Jay, and Silver.

“Sure” I said and she let out a little squeal.

“Can we go home now!?” I heard a yell and looked to see the pups had climbed on his arms, two for each arm and he had lifted them off the ground in an attempt to make them let go. I laughed at his distress.

I nodded “Come on kids let’s go home now, I’m sure your parents will be there to pick you up soon” I said and they instantly let go landing gracefully on their feet like the wolves they were and ran over to me. Adrian took his time sending a playful glare at the kids and we all went to the car.

I strapped in the kids and turned to see Harley grinning “See you tomorrow then?” I asked and she nodded giving me a hug as I got in the driver’s seat. I looked out my window and saw Harley give Adrian a peck on the lips. I know I should be jealous but if you know Harley then you know she usually spend an hour making out with a boyfriend before she has to say goodbye. So either she really likes Adrian or she doesn’t like him at all. The mean part of me wanted it to be the latter, but if it would make Harley happy to seriously be with him all I can say is more power to her.

They exchanged a few words that I couldn’t hear thanks to the muffle of the window and then she left and he got into the car looking like he was seriously thinking.

“Don’t think to hard you might bust a blood vessel” I teased and his head snapped up to me. His eyes looked a tad glazed over from his deep thought.

“Ha ha, you’re so funny” He rolled his eyes.

“I know” I said expertly as I started the car and we headed home.

*Tala’s POV* (About dang time, right?)*

I watched as Monet left begrudgingly with Adrian and the children, Yuma gave a laugh.

“Remind you of anyone?” He mused. I smiled a knowing smiled and nodded. My only daughter has grown up so fast I’m pretty sure Adrian is her mate but I’m having a hard time coming to terms that he is Robbie and Lauren’s son. Yuma hates it even worse, but it seems they sent him to us and that their last wishes where for us to keep him safe and that’s what I plan to do….Somehow.

“What are we going to do Yuma?” I sighed putting my head in my hands. The news of Robbie and Lauren’s death had shaken me to the very core.

“I’m not sure, but we will work it out. Now stop worrying you’re going to hurt my baby” He teased and as soon as I looked up to give him a glare I received a kiss on the lips. Every kiss with Yuma was just like the first. They always had just as much passion and love in every one of them. I let a sigh escape my lips as I leaned further into it just for a moment before he pulled back.

“Better now?” He asked grinning. I nodded “Now no more stress it’s not good for you, or me” He said and I just laughed.

I rubbed my stomach. I had gotten considerably bigger since I told everyone I was pregnant and you could certainly tell now. Since werewolf babies develop faster I should be able to tell if it’s a boy or girl the first ultrasound I get. I looked up from my stomach to see Yuma staring and I blushed looking down.

“After all these years I still make you blush” He poked fun and I gave him a scowl “Don’t worry you look cute with a blush” He commented making my face go redder. “Aren’t you supposed to meet Ryan for an appointment?” He eyed me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

He rose as eyebrow and grinned slyly “Nope, Got off today” He said and I pouted. “So do you think we will find out if it’s a boy or girl?” Yuma asked seriously.

I nodded “Probably, what do you want it to be?” I asked knowing the answer already.

He smiled guiltily at me “I know Connor and the twins are our kids but I would like to have a baby boy for once instead of getting them half grown” He joked “But as long as the baby is healthy I’m fine having another princess around too” He said.

I smiled at him and we both stood at the same time “Well I better go see Ryan at the hospital then huh?” I said and Yuma came over wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me as close as I could fit to him.

“I’m afraid so, Even though I would love the alone time” He breathed in my ear and I got goose bumps all over my body. I knew he could smell the arousal he put me through and I just stood there not able to even breathe properly. We looked into each other’s eyes a moment and he just leaned down and kissed me. Our lips moving in sync as the sparks flew like they did every time. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair getting a small growl from him.

I pulled away for some air “I love you” I said leaning my forehead against his.

“I love you so much it hurts at times” He said back and a goofy grin broke out over my face as it always did.

I gave him a peck on the lips and tried to untangle myself from him “I really have to go to the hospital now, Ryan might get annoyed if I’m late” I said finally succeeding in getting away from him and straitening myself out to look like I haven’t just made-out with my husband.

He save a frown but nodded “I have some papers for the pack to work on anyway” He said “And remember take a car. No turning while you’re pregnant” He warned.

I rolled my eyes “Yes father” I said and he gave me a peck on the lips. “Bye, love you” I called as I was heading out the door.

“Love you to” He replied, and then I got into the car and started to the hospital.

After I got there I went straight to Ryan’s office. As soon as I came in the secretary jumped up. “Ryan’s been expecting you miss” She said giving a slight bow.

“Stop that” I joked with her. I can’t stand people bowing to me like I’m royalty. I’m not the bloody queen of England I’m just an alpha. I let out a burp. An alpha with heart burn.

I stepped through the door and into a room to sit and wait. I flipped through a gossip magazine not believing half the stuff but it is still entertaining. All of a sudden the door to the room open to reveal Ryan in his white coat looking like a real doctor.

I stood up and pinched his cheek “You looks so adorable in your doctor get up” I grinned and her scowled playfully at me.

“But I am a doctor” He whined and I laughed giving him a hug.

“How’s work been?” I asked him.

“Hectic, how are you doing?” He asked me looking at my stomach.

“Stress and a bit of heartburn, other than that nothing as of yet” I said and he nodded then looked at me pointedly.

“Stop stressing, you were so stressed last time we all thought you were going to miscarry” He scolded and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m fine Ryan” I said.

He just grinned “Lay back on the table and we can get this over with then we get to move on to the ultra sound” He said.

(I’ll have you the gory details of the check and move straight to the ultrasound)

He turned off the light so we could see the screen better and I lifted up my shirt to expose my stomach. I’m so excited I can barely keep it in! I really want to know if it’s a boy or girl.

Ryan put that cold gel on my stomach and started used the roller to feel around my stomach. “Where’s Yuma at? I figured he’d be here watching you like a hawk” Ryan asked and I let a small laugh out.

“He probably would be, but there is pack work to be done and I can’t do it at the moment so he had to stay and take care of it” I said and Ryan nodded and made a ‘Aha’ noise causing me to look at the screen.

There it was a small figure but visible. So small and fragile, my responsibility from now on out. I felt tears prick at my eyes, wishing Yuma could be here. I wiped them away and grinned seeing it move slightly.

Ryan pressed a button every once and a while just smiling away. “Ready to know what it is?” He asked grinning.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” I said still looking a the screen noticing it moving with the sound of my voice.

He cleared his voice and said professional like “Congratulations Mrs. Francesca you are now the proud mother of a baby boy”

I let out a proud squeal and clapped my hands together letting a few tears fall down my face. I finally get a boy of my own. I know Connor, Ian, and Aaron are my boys but this meant so much to me.

After a few more minutes of making sure everything was okay Ryan let me wipe the stuff off my stomach and sit back to normal. As soon as I was up I tackled him.

“I’m going to have a boy!” I said excitedly as he hugged me back.

He laughed and I sat back down “Now here are the pictures from the ultrasound and here is a prescription for your pre-natal vitamins, don’t give me any lip you will take them” He said reaching me the pictures and the prescription. I just pouted at him. “You haven’t changed a bit from the first time I met you” He laughed shaking his head.

“Is that bad?” I asked giving him glare.

“Of course not, now you better get going and tell the good news to the family. I’ll be home eventually” He sighed and I felt sorry for him.

“Don’t work too hard, okay Ryan?” I told him giving him a kiss on the cheek and leaving happily.

“Mrs. Francesca, What is it?” I heard the secretary ask.

I gave her a huge smile “A boy” I said proud.

She gave a happy sigh “Congratulations!” She said and I nodded walked out the door and rushing home to tell Yuma the good news.

I ran into the house only to see the pups mothers on the couch in the living room looking concerned.

“Oh hello Alpha, we seem to not be able to find our kids” One of them said.

“Sorry about that Monet took them to the park and I had to go to the doctor” I said.

“No problem, how was the doctor?” Another one asked.

“I found out I’m having a boy” I smiled and they congratulated me. I’ll be hearing that for the next forever.

“What’s going on?” I heard and turned to see Yuma in the door way. I ran to him and hugged him.

“You’re going to have a son” I said into his chest and I felt his grip tighten on me. Then he pulled me back and gave me a long kiss that showed how proud he was.

I heard the door open but ignored it still lost in the kiss.

“Gross, this is the second time in the last month” I heard and broke away to see Monet with a disgusted face on. I just kept smiling

*Monet’s POV*
 “Gross, this is the second time in the last month” I said grossed out to catch my parents making-out again.

The kids all filed in and ran to their parents and Adrian stopped beside me “What’s going on?” He asked.

Mom grinned and looked at me “You’re having a baby brother!” she squealed. I thought my smile was going to split my face in half. I’m having a baby brother! I was so excited I hugged the closest thing to me. A second later I realized I had grabbed Adrian.

I cleared my throat letting him go “Sorry” I mumbled and heard him laugh and I turned red.

“Umm I’m going to take a shower” I mumbled going up the stairs into my room taking a shower. Oh god I made an idiot out of myself, just fricken great! I’m just going to stop thinking for the night. I laid down on my bed and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Ugh not again!

I leaned over and turned off the alarm and got up to prevent another happening like yesterday. I felt extremely sluggish this morning actually so I shuffled and changed into a layered black and white shirt with some dark skinny jeans and then fixed my hair and makeup.

Yawning I grabbed my stuff and walked down stairs fixing a piece of toast and Nutella only to turn back towards the living room and see Adrian on the couch. I jumped about three feet in the air.

I put a hand on my heart “Jesus, don’t do that” I said.

He rose an eyebrow “Do what?” He asked smirking.

“Appear out of nowhere” I said narrowing my eyes at him.

“Who did what?” I heard and looked behind me to see Jay and Skye.

“Nothing” I said and looked to see Skye glaring at Adrian.

“He’s not riding with us is he?” Skye growled.

I patter Skye on the shoulder “I’m afraid so, you heard mom one of us with him at all times” I said.

I just heard him scoff “Well let’s get going then” Jay said.

“I call shot gun!” Skye yelled zipping past Jay to get to my car first. I just laughed walking out to my car.

After everyone was in I started off towards school for a crappy day.

Boy was I right about the crappy day, the more I saw Adrian and Harley together the fouler my mood got and also Jace would not leave me alone, he seems to be trying to get in my good grace’s since the cell phone incident.

I walked out of the school in an awful mood and ran right into Jace “Going to work?” He asked and I nodded “See you there then?” He asked looking hopeful. I couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Yeah” I nodded and left. I had already told Adrian, Jay, and Skye to shift and run home so I got into my car relishing the peace and quiet. Then started it up and made my way to the store.

I got out and in there seeing Jace had beaten me to work I just sent him a smile “I’m here!” I yelled.

“Hey, how’s it going?” Drew asked coming out from behind the counter.

“Pretty good, I got loaded with homework though” I frowned.

“Well you can work on it, let the man handle the manual labor while you run the register” He said looking at Jace.

I smiled “Thanks Drew” I said and her nodded turning to the back again.

I pulled my Geometry book from my bag and the worksheet from today and sighed. I really can’t do anything to do with math; I get so frustrated I rage quit.

I was concentrating on a problem probably with a constipated look on my face and then let out a frustrated groan. Stupid Trigonometry, I can never do it!

“What’s wrong?” Jace asked with a broom in his hand.

“Stupid Trig I can’t do it!” I said letting out a sigh.

“Let me help” He said suddenly beside me. “Okay, it’s actually simple you just take the twenty and multiply it by the tangent to get your answer” He explained all with a charming smile on his face.

I did exactly as he said and was amazed “Wow, thanks so much Jace” I said happily writing down the answer.

All if a sudden he was leaning against the counter in front of me. How the hell is he doing that!?

“So I have a question I want to ask you” He said and I got a nervous feeling in my stomach, a good nervous but nervous nonetheless.

“What?” I asked suspiciously.

“Will you so me the honor of going to the masquerade dance with me?” He said pulling a rose out of nowhere. I literally mean thin air! Wait, what did her just ask? I started hyperventilating on the inside. Should I? He is very handsome and charming.

“I will…” I said and his face lit up “only if you tell me what you are” I smirked and his smile fell a little but he shrugged.

“You’re no human either so why not?” He shrugged. “I’m a fallen angel. Cast down from heaven by the heavenly father himself for my evil deeds” He said giving an evil grin.

“I know about fallen angels, How old are you exactly then?” I narrowed my eyes. He looked away for a second and mumbled something I couldn’t hear. “What?” I said.

“One hundred and five” He said loud enough for me to hear.

I looked at him and let out a giggle and he looked at me like I was insane “It’s kind of creepy” I said.

He grinned at me “I know about werewolves to, how old are you really?” he asked.

I looked at him and gave a playful gasp “Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to ask a women’s age?” I asked. He rolled his eyes and I laughed “I’m exactly as old as I claim to be” I said rolling my eyes back at him.

“Since I told you what I am, you have to go to the dance with me” He smirked. I looked at him shocked.

Did I just make a deal with a real life devil?

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