Boys, Boys, Boys {Ch.13}

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I have to admit she looked beautiful as always “I heard what happened from the alpha! I’m so sorry honey” She wailed sitting down next to Adrian and threading her arm through his.

“Its fine, I’m staying at Monet’s house” He said and I expected some kind of hateful glare from her but she just sent a grateful smile my way.

“That’s great” She smiled and I felt my anger at her melt away, No matter how much my I tried to stay mad at her I couldn’t let a guy come between us.

I smiled back at her saw the kids playing. Gavin and Hayden looked to be playing hide and seek or some variation of the game and Carson and Alessa seemed to just be swinging and conversing with each other occasionally.

“So what are you guys doing here?” Harley asked casually.

“It’s Adam and Sammy’s anniversary and they asked if I could watch the pups, I didn’t want to go alone so I dragged your boy toy with me” I answered earning a glare from Adrian.

Harley laughed “What are you doing here?” Adrian asked nicely.

“I needed a walk to think about some things” She said. I looked confused but didn’t push the issue farther.

“So are you still going to be at school?” She asked Adrian.

He looked unsure then looked my way looking for an answer “Yeah he just has to have one of us with him at all times” I nodded

She grinned “That shouldn’t be hard half the school population are werewolves” She said.

“But they have to be ones we trust” I told her.

“Oh I guess that does narrow it down then” I nodded “But I don’t think Donavan or Skye will be up for watching him” She added with a laugh. She’s laughing about this? See why I love her so much?

I smiled “I know right, they almost killed him” I said.

“I know! His face was priceless” She laughed imitating his face in a stupid way. It’s like this every time we fight we always end up making fun of it and are great friends again.

“I’m right here you know” Adrian deadpanned and we just laughed hysterically.

All of a sudden I felt a little hand on my leg and looked down to see Carson and Alessa “We want someone to come play with us” Carson said as Alessa nodded.

“Go play with them Adrian, Give us some girl time” Harley said shooing him.

“Earlier this week I couldn’t get you away from me and know your running me off” He grumbled.

“I would take my friends over you” She said and I stuck my tongue out at him which he returned to me running over to the playground with the kids.

“Listen about the beach...” I started. I was going to apologize, I had overreacted.

She cut me off “I’m sorry about that” She said looking down.

“I’m sorry to, I overreacted” I said and there was an awkward silence.

“So are you going to the masquerade dance next week?” She asked out of the blue. I had forgotten about the annual masquerade dance the school has every year. I remember my freshman year I went with a boy named Arlie, he was tall and lanky but it suited him. He was a nerdy boy but a sweetheart; he ended up spilling punch all over my white dress and apologized five hundred times I couldn’t get him to shut up. He actually moved away junior year. Ever since then I have went by myself every year no matter how many guys asked. It usually ended up as Jay claiming me as her date and making a scene proclaiming her ‘love’ to me in the middle of the dance floor every year. I’m friends with some weird people.