Authors Note

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Hey guys, I know I do a lot of (a/n) and you probably don't even read them. No I'm not on writers block... It's just, it's summer time and I've been on trips and don't have time to update.

I'm losing readers and followers which isn't good. I know I promise to update a lot but now I need help. No I'm not mental.... I need a co-owner.

You know, someone who can help me write the story and give me ideas.

So if you want to be the co-owner just comment below but there are rules:

1. You have to be trustworthy. (Wont change my password or steal my story, etc.)

2. We have to be in some sort of contact. (If you don't feel comfortable giving me your phone number which I'm not either, we can discussed the story or whatever on twitter, Instagram, or just pm (private message) me on here. If you have any other way to contact like a social network tell me.)

3. If you don't want to be the co-owner anymore PLEASE TELL ME. (I will also need someone just in case the co-owner quits)

I will also need a publisher. Someone who can check spelling and mistakes I made. You will also have to follow the rules listed above.

These are the job openings PLEASE try out for them. I'm desperate in need for co-owners

If you want to be a co-worker you have to fill this out (down below) in the comments.

Job Title: Co-owner

(Optional) Why should I pick you?:

Are you trustworthy?:

How can I contact you?: Instagram, PM, Twitter, etc. (no phone number or Facebook)

Name (not full just first and if you want last):

Job Title: Publisher ( you fix the mistakes I made)

Answer the same questions as the co-owner just put the job title.

It would be great if you guys tried out for these positions. I just need a little help to make this book a success. And don't worry I will give you full credit on each chapter. So please try out

P.S if your the co-owner please put your name at the bottom of each chapter letting readers know you wrote it! (Ex: -mia)

Thanks! -Mia

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