Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 continue from chapter 2

What was wrong with Harry? I decided to talk to Louis about it. I put Bella in her car seat and drove over to Louis's house. "Ding dong!" Bella loved ringing the doorbell. Louis opened the door. "Hello Bellybutton." He said picking her up and tickling her.

She giggled and ran to Eleanor. Me and Louis sat on the couch while El and Bella went shopping. "So love what's up? He asked." Louis I know this is crazy but I think I found Bella's father." I said. "Who is it? Do I need to show them my bad side?" He said. "Haha no Louis you don't. But I think it is-." I was cut off by a knock on the door.

Louis answered it and there stood Harry. "Lou I need to talk to you." He said. I quickly got up and ran into the kitchen. Louis and Harry sat down on the couch. I texted him to not mention that I'm here and he replied ok.

Harry's POV

"Lou I think...." I started to say. "What is it mate?" "I think I know Ashley."I replied. "What? How?" He asked. "She looks like the girl at the party that I hooked up with." I said looking at the ground. "Is that all?" He said. "Umm well I think Bella is my daughter." We heard a gasped and turned around to see Ashley on the ground.

Ashley's POV

"Umm well I think Bella is my daughter." Harry said. I gasped and realized I was leaning on the door and fell. Stupid stupid stupid. "Where you listening the whole time?" Harry asked. "Umm I was getting something to eat and I fell." I said getting up" "Sure whatever I'm leaving."Harry wait please!" I yelled running after him.

"What do you want!" He yelled. "Harry I'm sorry." "For what, for not telling me I had a daughter!" He yelled back. "Please calm down, I was going to tell you." "It took you three years to tell me!" He asked angrily. "Yes Harry it did because I had no idea who you were or where you where! You just left me at the party! How was I supposed to know so stop getting mad at me for something I didn't know!" I yelled crying. I couldn't deal with this anymore. I ran off not knowing where I was going.

"Ashley wait please I'm sorry." He said, but I kept running.

I stopped near a park bench and sat down. I was 3 miles away from home. Why would he get so mad at me? I mean it wasn't my fault. Ugh. I got a taxi and went to Starbucks. Luckily it was still open because it was 11:00. I sat there drinking coffee. "Hey there are you ok?" The waiter asked.

"Huh, oh yeah I'm fine. Who am I kidding I'm not ok." I said. "What's wrong do you want to talk about it?" He asked sitting in front of me. "Well it's just drama with this boy." I said. "Oh well he was wrong to start drama with a beautiful girl like you." He said smiling. "Flirt much." I smiled back. He blush. "Haha well I better get going" I said walking out. "Oh, I'm Jake by the way." "Ashley." Jake was cute and nice. Hmmmm.

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