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Ok so you guys read in chapter 6 about Harry proposing to Ashley. Well I need more characters!

I'm too lazy to make up my own so I decided on a contest to keep you guys active.

Ok so this is what I need: Someone to be Ashley's best friend.

Name of Ashley's BFF (first middle last):

Age (anywhere between the age of 19-24):

Likes (be creative!):


Family members (siblings, and parent(s)):

Description of Ashley's BFF (like where's she's from etc.)

so Ashley's BFF will be the maid of honor. I will need a picture of her. She has long brown wavy hair, blue and green eyes. She's naturally tan. Please comment and give me the link of the picture below just the URL (ex:

Of course Harry's best mans are Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie will also be Ashley's bridesmaids. (I know Diam is over :( but just...pretend lol).

Here comes the fun part.

I need someone to plan the wedding! If you have a polyvore that will be great. Just give me your polyvore name or the URL.

You would have to have Ashley's dress, the venue, the reception, food, and etc. also the bridesmaid dresses. The color theme will be either coral, and blue or red and black.

They are getting married on the beach since Harry proposed there.

I also need a girlfriend for Niall. They start out as 'just friends' at first.

Name of Nialls gf (first middle last):


Likes (be creative!):


Family members (siblings, and parent(s)):

Description of Nialls gf (like where's she's from etc.)

She has long curly blonde hair and gray and blue eyes. I already have a picture but if you like you can give me one.

Later in the story there will be that 'someone' to ruin things. And that someone's name is James.

You will not have to give me the name or whatever just a picture .

So please if you like do the contest. My readers aren't really active or comment and I need to know you guys are there lol. There will be first second and third place winners. There will also be runner ups. Prizes are:

First: I will dedicate you in every chapter, you will get a main character in my story and I will give you a shout out (sorry there's not much I can do if you have any suggestions tell me!).

Second place: dedicate you and you'll get a main character in the story.

Third place: dedicate you and give you a character in the story.

If you have any suggestions let me know!

One more thing can someone make me a trailer. I know there are only 6 chapters but there should be enough info. You will also get a reward anything you'll like just something that doesn't involve personal info.

I will update once the contest is over but until then....enjoy life! :)

Well thanks for the ones who try out. :) -Mia

P.S I decided the book will have 35-40 chapters than a sequel to ones who wanted to know.

Contest will be over on July 11, 2013 2:30pm EST

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