Chapter 2

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Chapter 2. (Continue from chapter 1)

We finally arrived at Nando's. Niall was the first to order. "Come on Niall don't order the whole menu." I said. "Calm down love, I was joking." He replied. I sighed in relief. A blonde with a fake tan, big chest, and a fake tan came over to our table. "Hello, what would you like today?" She asked while putting her upper body in Harry's face. His eyes were wide in amazement :{.

After the boys ordered the waitress came to me. "What would you like." She said annoyed. "I would like a salad with water please." I asked. "Wow I thought you would've ordered the whole menu by the way you look." She murmured. "Oh really? Well blondie I have a few words about you too." I said.

The waitress and the boys sat there waiting for me to continue. "Your fake tan is orange and it makes you look like a cheese ball, your wig, oh please honey we know its weave. Oh and we all know you had plastic surgery so you and yo fake self can go and get my food because I'm hungry." I said. "All the boys clapped at what I just said. The waitress rolled her eyes and left. "Roll your eyes whatever you want because you just got told."

"SWERVE!" Louis said. We all laughed and ate our food. After we finished the boys wanted to meet Annabella. I opened the door and saw Bella playing with her dolls with Trina our babysitter.

I payed Trina and she left. "Ok boys this is Annabella but you can call her Bella for short." Before I could say anything else the boys ran over to her and played with her. Harry just sat there looking at Bella.

"What's wrong mate?" Louis asked. "Umm.. err nothing. Sorry guys but umm I need to go run some errands see ya later." And with that he left.

Harry's POV

After we got off the plane I looked around for Louis. Where could that boy be. While I was searching my eyes landed on a girl. She looked stunning. But also familiar. When I got closer she looked really familiar. Her dark brown hair and blue eyes. Have I seen her before?

I went up to her and said hello. She just looked at me like she was thinking. She finally responded and said hi. She told me her name was Ashley.

We all went to Nando's and ordered. Some wanna be Britney spears waitress came over and asked us what we wanted. When she got to Ashley she had an annoyed look on her face. She kinda called Ashley fat but Ashley didn't let it go.

She told off the waitress which was pretty amazing. When we finished eating we went to Ashley's house. She told us there was someone she wanted us to meet. When we walked in there was a little girl. She told us the little girls name was Annabella.

She looked almost exactly like me. She looked at me with her green eyes. Which made me want to hold her tight and never let go. All the boys played with her but I just sat there thinking.

Was it true? The girl i saw at the party. We did it. Then I left without even asking for her name. Wow I was so stupid. But why does she have a baby? Wait. Was Bella my daughter? "What's wrong mate?" Louis asked. I looked up and realized I was still here. I told the boys I had errands to do and left. I have so much questions that aren't answered.


Hmmm is Bella Harry's or someone else's????? Well I don't know lol jk I know and you don't :P hehe~ Mia

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