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The stars were in turmoil. An unspoken terror raged across the galaxy like a disease. Slowly, but surely, it crept across each solar system and infected them, growing ever stronger along the way.

Every other planet heard rumours of it, however they refused to believe the destruction until they saw it themselves, at their own doorsteps. Only until the fire slipped into their own homes, would they begin to scream. So, it only grew as a rumour, a story to tell children to get them to behave, a legend. Nobody believed the stories of the First Order at first.

The force was restless, it surged and throbbed like the pain in a wound. However the last Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, had disappeared long ago, so there was no light to even out the growing darkness. There was now a generation that didn't believe in the force, that discarded the stories as myths.

So the darkness grew, and the light began to flicker. Time seemed limited and unpredictable. History reared its ugly head and threatened to be repeated.

The stars were in turmoil. Light years away, somebody heard their screams.

A small planet drifted slowly in its unnamed solar-system. It was a young planet but held a being older than the universe itself. The planet was mainly inhabited by a race of small, blue humanoids who believed they were alone in the universe.  They were indigenous, and lived off the edible grass-like plant that covered nearly every surface of the planet. They were vegetarian, they were harmless.

The other planets in this solar system were uninhabitable due to the extreme conditions. It was oblivious to the destruction and terror.

With a gasp, they awoke and pulled themselves upright. Their ears were ringing with the screams of the lives being put out. However one scream stood out. It was silenced by the red blade of a lightsaber being wielded by a boy, who was once a Jedi's apprentice. It was the first of many to be extinguished by the blade.

Their eyes took a while to adjust to the light. For these eyes had never been used before. Their muscles burned in pain and the sudden movement. For these were muscles that had never moved before.

As their breathing steadied, and they found themselves becoming accustomed to the foreign heartbeat in their chest, they observed their surroundings. It was a cave situated in the only mountains that could be found on the small, green planet.

Cold light poured in through the opening ahead of them, the sky was blue, and the orange sun stood high in it. About them the dark stone walls dripped with damp making the interior freezing cold, they shivered. 

With shaky legs, they slowly pulled themselves upright, leaning against the moist walls in support. They were clad in light brown rags that were no match for the freezing temperatures of the room. It was then that they noticed their slim, hairless arms and hands.

Being careful of their fragility, they walked towards a puddle in the middle of the cave and looked into it. The face of a young, human woman looked back at them. She had olive skin and long black hair that trailed down her back in a braid. They frowned, and the woman's big brown eyes frowned with them.

A familiar glowing blue light caught their eye and they turned to face the transparent figure now stood beside them. "A human woman," They said to the glowing figure, their voice was soft and silken. A voice that could tell you stories and send you to sleep. "Really?"

The figure was draped in the robes of a Jedi Knight, he was an old man and bore a gentle smile. "Correct." He replied simply.

"You want me to save the galaxy, as a human. A female at that, you know I prefer agender bodies."

"The people you need to get to are predominantly human men. It may be a blessing in disguise." He chuckled as he spoke.

"Not in sub-zero temperatures," She sighed. "Why am I here anyway? Jedi exist in this galaxy, they shouldn't need me."

"The last-remaining Jedi disappeared and threw away his lightsaber." He said solemnly. "Poor Luke, I had such high hopes for him."

She smiled comfortingly to the old Jedi Master. "I could try to find him instead of getting involved, I shouldn't be here unless it is a last resort."

"It is, the force is restless and unhappy. The Dark Side has returned and there is nothing to balance it out." He sighed once more. "There is no use finding Luke, you must concentrate on the rebels and the First Order."

"Are there any major weaknesses?"

"Yes, a boy who goes by the name of Kylo Ren. He was Luke's padawan, and his nephew. If their plan goes ahead, he will become the next Darth Vader, but he is still strong enough to break through their manipulation."

She nodded and looked out of the cave, a few miles away she could see the smoke trailing from the tents of a settlement. A tribe must have settled there overnight. "How can I leave this planet? There is no transport here."

"In ten minutes a pilot will crash about twenty miles from here, he will die instantly, but his transport will be salvageable." The old man stated, she grimaced next to him. "Good luck, and remember to eat, you are no longer an immortal spirit. May the force be with you."

"You too Obi Wan." She muttered under her breath as he flickered and disappeared.



Hello there, this is my first attempt at Star Wars fanfiction so I hope it ends as well as my past stories. Star Wars was my first fandom, I was wielding my toy lightsaber long before I was making up silly tales.

This will undoubtedly be a short story. It is set between VI and VII in an attempt to clear up some of the questions I had after watching The Force Awakens. Due to this I expect it will be incorrect once VIII is released but hey, who cares?

Star Wars has an incredibly intricate universe and history that even I, with my many books, models, and lightsabers, can't completely comprehend. I understand that some uses and ideas of the force and the history may be incorrect but this is an interpretation and should not be assumed truthful to the saga.

As a side note the name of this book is taken from the song 'Prettiest Star' by David Bowie. I have a habit of naming books after music, this is no exception. Although Aladdin Sane isn't very fitting for the mood of the book, go check it out.

Aside from that, I wont bother you any longer with these author's notes (that I generally dislike including). Thank you for reading my attempts at writing, and good luck. May the force be with you.


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