Ch. 1 - Reunited

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The two blades glimmered in the sun as the warriors fought furiously, both seemingly strong and powerful as each other.

'Give in young one!' said the older of the two, her laugh echoing in the air.

'Never!' cried the younger, her height significantly smaller than the first, but her attack just as fierce as she struck once more.

The swords clashed once more, until the smaller one twisted her blade and took the other's from her hands. The sword fell to the ground and the taller one raised her hands.

'Do you surrender?' asked the blade-wielder as she pointed at the others chest.

'I appear to have been bested. The student has become the master. Well done.'

The both bowed, and shook hands.

'You have learnt well little Iris.' Said Sif, retrieving her sword.

'Well, I did have the best teacher.' Replied Iris, replacing her sword back into it's sheath.

'You flatter me.' Laughed Sif.

'More I speak the truth.'

Iris brushed her black hair from her face, and gave a small smile at her teacher.

'Iris! I have food! Even those Midguardian delicacies you enjoy so much, Brownies!'

'BROWNIES!' Iris rushed in, hearing Sif's chuckle behind her.

The warrior was waiting with a golden plate in the dining room. He smiled and handed her the plate.

'Wow! Are they all for me?' she asked.

Volstagg gave a booming laugh. 'Of course they are young princess!'

'Volstagg, are you yet again trying to feed up the princess?' Fandral had arrived, eyeing the plate she held. 'If she eats much more, she is likely to explode.'

'She is a scrap! She needs good food!' protested Volstagg. 'Leave her be, she is little more than a skeleton!'

Hogun was as usual quiet, before he spoke. 'The King and Queen request your presence.'

Iris was surprised. 'Whatever for?'

Hogun gave a small shrug. 'I am not informed as to their reason, just that they wish to speak to you.'

Iris nodded, and left the hall. Making her way to the doors, she stopped behind them, to brush her amour down, tuck hair behind her eyes, wipe crumbs from her mouth and sigh as she felt a small cut on her cheek, and took one last look in the mirror, at her reflection.

She had not changed much in the time she had been here on Asguard. Her hair had grown past her shoulders and now hung somewhere around her waist. Her face had slimmed with her body, and she had grown, although she was still shorter than everyone she knew here. Her eyes were now rimmed in a sparkling emerald green instead of their usual black that had outlined them before.

She was still Iris... Just grown up a bit.

Deciding there was nothing she could do about the cut, she pushed the doors opened, and walked towards her grandparents.

'Grandfather, Grandmother.' She said, getting down on one knee and bowing her head. 'I was told you required my presence?'

'Rise my granddaughter.'

Iris got slowly to her feet, curious now. Frigga sighed at her cut. 'Have you been fighting again?'

'I have been training with Lady Sif. I unfortunately did not block her attack in time and receive a minor injury.' Iris shrugged.

'A Princess should not be engaged in combat.' Murmured Frigga.

'Oh leave her be, princess or not, learning to defend yourself is a very important skill. Now, as you know, it has been two years since you returned to Asguard,' said Odin, 'This also means it has been two years since your father was imprisoned. As you are aware, he is due to be there for his life.'

Iris nodded; she was very well aware.

'However, after much discussion with my queen, we have decided to release him.'

Iris blinked; was she hearing this properly? 'R-R-Release him?'

'Yes. We feel that, because of you, being imprisoned, away from you, has made the punishment much worse.' Said Frigga. 'I have been conversing with my son, and I am greatly aware how he pines for you. I feel that this separation is a punishment worse than death for him.'

Iris looked in disbelief as Odin got up, sailed over and pressed a golden key into her unresisting palm.

'What are you waiting for child?' he asked. 'Go.'

'Thank you.' She whispered. 'Thank you!'

With that, she took off from the room, sprinting towards where she knew Loki was kept. She did not stop, for every second she rested was another from her father.

Skidding to a halt at the room, she paused. He was in his cage, asleep. Iris looked at his face. His closed eyes, the peace that masked his features.

A small idea suddenly slipped in her mind.

She crept over, and silently opened the door. Slipping in, she crept over to where he lay, careful to make no noise.

She gently climbed onto the bed, crawling under his arm that lay out in front of him. She cuddled into him, her face buried in his shirt. She felt his arms tighten, but that was merely instinct as she knew.

When that got no other reaction, she climbed back out, and sat her hands on her hips. Lazy sod.

At this point, another idea slipped into her mind.

She crept round the back, and was ready to pounce, when he said, without opening his eyes, 'don't even try it Iris.'

'Drat. How'd you know it was me?' she asked, climbing back under the covers and allowing him to slip his arms back round her.

'I'm your father, of course I know.' He replied, opening his eyes to look at her, like it was the stupidest question on Asgaurd, while placing a hand on the back of her head, smoothing her hair down. 'What are you doing here anyway?'

'I came to free you! Grandfather and Grandmother said you can go free now!'

Loki's smile grew, and he picked her up, got out of his bed and spun her round like she was 5 years old.

'I can be a proper father now.' She was sure she heard him whispered.

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