Ch. 3 - Rules for Dating My Daughter

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‘Father, please, see reason…’ Loki stood next to his brother as Thor tried to persuade his father otherwise to his daughters’ marriage.

‘I am seeing reason Thor. Týr is a strong, sensible, capable warrior. He will take good care and protect Iris.’ Odin said.

‘That’s my job.’ Loki growled.

‘Loki, your daughter is growing old and blossoming into a fine young woman. She is not your little girl anymore.’ Odin sighed.

‘Yes she is! And she always will be!’ Loki thundered.

‘Loki!’ The raven haired man glared at his father.

‘But Father…’ Thor began.

‘Your highness…’ Volstagg started.

‘That is enough! I do not wish to hear anymore of this! Be gone!’

The group, mumbling, left the hall reluctantly.

‘Odin, are you sure this will work?’ Frigga asked.

‘I have faith in my granddaughter. I know it shall.’ Odin said firmly.


‘What in the name of Odin?!’

Iris ducked back, chuckling quietly to herself. She did not know who she dropped the water bomb on, but it had cheered her up slightly.


She winced slightly at her father’s yell, but got up anyway and slouched down. Loki was standing in the hallway, waiting.

‘Hello?’ she grinned.

‘What’s with the grin? That means you’ve done something. What did you do?’

‘So accusation father!’

‘Father? When did you grow up?’

‘Well, I can always say it in German or French… or Spanish or Russian… or Latin or Japanese… pick a language, any language!

‘Very amusing Iris. Týr is here… he wishes you to accompany him whilst he goes hunting.’ Loki scowled, and Iris could very clearly see the distain present on his features. ‘Take a sword.’

‘Is the sword for use on Bilgesnipe or Týr?’


Iris gave a laugh before giving Loki a hug. ‘See you when I get back, Dad.’

She headed to the main hall, stopping by the weapons vault to retrieve her blade, and entered the hall.

Odin was there, and Frigga, and Týr, who looked very wet – Iris suddenly realised who she had dropped the water bomb on.

‘Are you ready?’ Týr asked.

‘Are you in need of a towel?’ she replied.

Týr shook his head. ‘I shall be fine.’

‘Then yes, I am ready.’

‘I shall see you when you return.’ Loki had appeared, and wrapped his arms round Iris, pulling her into a hug. ‘Stay safe, and remember what I said.’

‘Use the sword if needed, got it.’

Iris headed out to get her horse ready. As soon as she had left, Loki had marched up to Týr and was looking him square in the face.

‘I have a few rules for dating my daughter. Number 1 – Understand that I do not like you. Number 2 – You hurt her, I hurt you. Number 3 – If you lie to me, I will find out. Number 4 – She’s my Princess, not your conquest. Number 5 – I don’t mind going back to jail. Got me?’

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