Ch. 2 - Suitor's Suck

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‘Err, Dad? Can you maybe loosen your grasp? It’s just I can’t breathe…’

Loki’s eyes widened and he released her from his arms. ‘Sorry Iris…’

‘No biggie, it’s just air is kind of a necessity.’ She smiled.

‘Loki?’ A voice in the doorway alerted them to Frigga, who stood there, holding a bundle of clothing.

‘Mother.’ Loki’s warm smile met his mother’s kind eyes. ‘I wish to thank you for releasing me. I may now be a true father to Iris.’

‘It is not me you want to be thanking. Give your gratitude to your father. And, here are your robes.’

Loki took them from his mother, and Iris left to stand outside whilst he changed.

‘He seems happy to be back with you.’ Said Frigga.

‘Yes,’ mulled Iris, ‘very happy. And I am happy to be back with him.’

‘That is very good child. Maybe, you shall be able to keep him grounded.’ Frigga suggested.

‘Maybe so.’

At this point, Loki emerged, dressed back in his normal attire. Spotting Iris, he swooped over and gathered her into his arms, hugging her tightly to his side.

‘I shall bid you both good day, but not before reminding Iris, that Hogun will be waiting for her at 3 ‘o’ clock for her training.’ A small flash of disapproval was present, but it was gone within a blink.

‘Training? What training?’ Loki asked immediately.

Frigga said nothing, but merely left, leaving the father and daughter duo standing there.

‘Iris, what training was she speaking about?’ Loki asked, in that tine that parents use when they want the truth from you.

‘I take unarmed combat training with Hogun every day at 3, like I train in armed combat with Sif every day at 1. Nothing big.’ Iris shrugged.

‘A Princess should not be training.’ Murmured Loki in a very familiar tone to the one that Frigga had used earlier on today.

‘Yes well…’ Iris glanced at the clock on the wall, and gasped as she saw the time was 2:50. ‘Lord, I have to go!’

She suddenly took off, rushing down the hallways, passing many rooms before reaching the one she was required in. Skidding to a halt, she saw Hogun waiting patiently.

‘You are three minutes early.’ He commented as she entered, bowing as she passed through the door.

‘Better to be the early bird that will be first catch the best worm, than the bird on the dot who will have to queue.’ She commented.

‘But an early defence may warm your attacker of your move, and so therefore give him chance to change his own.’ Hogun replied as he watched her remove her shoes. ‘Be careful Iris. There are times when being early is fine, and times when it is best to be exact.’

‘I will.’

‘Excellent. Now, we shall begin.’

‘You have learnt well Iris.’

‘For a student to learn well, her teacher must excel himself.’

‘Thank you. I shall see you tonight at the banquet.’

Iris bowed, and left, only to be scooped into a hug by Loki, who was waiting outside.

‘So, how’d it go?’ he asked.

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