Ch 6 - Kiss Hello

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Loki glared furiously at the two guards, who were beginning to cower slightly.

'Her chamber was empty this morning, and there had been no sign of her anywhere is the kingdom.' Spoke one.


The guards scampered, and Loki hid his face in his hand. Where had she gone?

'Brother? What ails you?' Thor had come over, curious, Frigga behind him

'Iris has vanished.' Loki choked. 'She's gone, no one had seen her.'

Frigga's hand flew to her mouth. 'Oh my word!'

'I shall search the worlds!' Thor declared.

'Why would she be there?!' Loki shot.

'Loki, we need to search everywhere.' Frigga said.

Thor had vanished by this point. Loki sighed, biting his lip.

'I hope she's ok...' He whispered.

'Paracetamol on the counter next to the Chocolate Cream Frappuccino.'

'Cheers Tony.' Iris mumbled as she stumbled in, eyes closed and clutching her head. 'You really are a fucking superhero, y'know?'

'I know.'

A hand rested on her back, guiding her to the breakfast bar. Tony lead her over, and helped her on the stool.

'Whatever happened to genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist?' She asked as she gulped the pills. 'Are we going to add 'uncle' onto that?'

'Uncle... I like the sound of that. I can play the 'reckless uncle' role.' He grinned.

Iris gave a smile.

'Anyway, today I need to work in the workshop. You got the whole of New York to explore - minus the creepy aliens dudes from last time.' He rummaged in his pocket. 'We are going out tonight with the Avengers, or who we can actually track down anyway, so you need a dress, or something fancy. Take this, and go get yourself something to wear, and a few other bits... How am I doing being the 'reckless uncle'?'

'You're going from being the reckless uncle to the favourite uncle.' Iris joked.

'Exclellent. Have your coffee, go out, shop, make yourself look pretty, get lunch, all that stuff girls like to do, be back in time to get ready - car will be here around 8.' Tony handed his card over.

'Bloody hell, Tony. You really are fulfilling the 'reckless' uncle role.'

'Great! Have fun! 'Scuse me, Pepper.'

Iris rolled her eyes as he strolled off into the lift, exchanging places with Pepper, who was coming out.

'Let me guess, credit card and dress?' She asked.

'I am honestly not sure what just happened.' Iris confessed.

'He thinks of you as a daughter. Do you know what he said to Loki when you weren't around before you left?'


'He said "you better treat her right, Rudolph, or I will". Looks like he was serious.'

'If anyone who knew him had heard that out of context...'

'Any luck?' Frigga glided over to where Loki sat, head in hands.

'None.' He moaned.

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