Ch. 4 - Sunrise

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'Loki, do not beat yourself up about it.' Frigga stood in the doorway, her eyes trained on her son as he watched over his sleeping daughter.

'But I feel guilty. I should never of let her go alone.' Loki muttered, smoothing her hair down. Iris gave a small murmur, nestling herself into his hand.

'You had no idea what was going to occur, how were you meant to stop it?'

'Because I'm her dad. It's my job. What kind of a father am I if I can't protect my baby girl?!'

'Loki!' Frigga shushed. 'You'll awaken her if not careful. Eir said she had to rest.'

Loki sighed once again, still petting her hair. 'I know... I know.'

'Loki, I believe you should rest as well.' Said Frigga firmly. 'You are tired, and when you are tired, you get snappy, and over-protective.'

Loki grumbled at his mother's words, but knew she was right. He rose from her bedside, and retired to his own chambers, changing into his sleepwear, before climbing under the covers and falling to sleep.

When Loki awoke, he sat up, noting it was still dark. Why had he awoken?

He then heard it. The muffled scream.

His heart pumping, he ran from his room, having grabbed his staff, and into Iris's, only to see dead guards and an empty bed.

'IRIS!' He roared, rushing from the room and out the doors.

'DADDY! DADDY!' He was unable to make out the cloaked man, but what he cared about was the fact his daughter was flung over his shoulder, and he was running across the Bifrost Bridge, towards where Heimdall lay, frozen in a block of ice.

'NO!' He roared, throwing his staff.

It connected with other man's back, making him fall. But he let go of Iris, who bounced and rolled. Loki ran at his top speed, but she had fallen off the side.

'IRIS!' He yelled, running to the spot where she had vanished.

'DADDY!' He looked to see her clinging, lower down the side. He reached a hand out, her fingertips just in his reach...

Her other hand slipped and, with a scream, she tumbled, tumbled into the black abyss, into the emptiness, the nothingness, vanishing from his sight. He gave a scream of anguish, the other man's laughter echoing in his ears, never leaving his head...

He shot up in bed, gasping for air. He glanced round wildly, before leaping from his bed and running to Iris's room. She was still there, lying peacefully under the covers. He ran a hand through his hair, moving to resume his seat by her bed. Gently brushing a raven lock from her face, she gave a content sigh at his touch, a smile gracing her lips.

'Did you ever have these?' he asked.

'I have lost count how many.' Odin calmly walked into the room, taking a seat by Loki. 'Many for you. I feared that I would awake to an attack, an invasion by Laufey, who had come to reclaim you.'

'How did you cope?' Loki finally looked him in the eye.

'I grew used to them. I learned to accept the fact that my sons were growing up, and that they were able to take care of themselves.' Odin said.

'I don't know if I can do that.' Loki tore his gaze away to resume his watching over Iris. 'No matter how hard I try to tell myself otherwise, I still see that little girl, that I watched over from afar during the war.'

'She is a strong woman, Loki. She can look after herself.'

'Can she?'

'You have seen her fight. She fought the Chitauri, and still came out, alive. She is well trained, and well prepared.'

Loki said nothing, but merely continued to stroke her hair.

When Iris awoke, she could feel a hand resting atop her hair, small locks curled in the fingers.

Opening her eyes, she was met with the sleeping figure of her father. Sitting up, his hand fell onto her pillow. She looked at his face, now worn from war and prison, before turning her gaze upon the sky.

After two years, she was still in love with the view of the rising sun.

Slipping from her bed, she moved to the balcony, before climbing the wall, scaling it to reach the roof, so she could watch.

As she gazed upon the red, the oranges, the gold, she felt herself calm, peace soothing her mind, ironing the creases of worry that grew everyday. She was able to forget her problems, forget her troubles. No matter what her grandfather said, she knew there was a war on the way, she knew it was coming. She had been in Asguard now long enough to know.

Brushing some hair from her eyes as the warm wind gently swept over her face, she leant back, smiling softly. For now, the war was nothing. She could merely concentrate on the view in front of her.

'Iris? Iris!' She sighed. Maybe not...

'Up here, Dad.' She called.

She saw him emerge onto her balcony, before turning. Shock became evident, before horror.

'Iris Lokidottir! Get yourself down here, right now, before you fall and hurt yourself!' he exclaimed.

'Ok, ok. Chill, dad.' A smirk emerged as a small plan hatched in her mind.

Standing up, she proceeded to back up, before running, until she leapt of the edge of the roof. She felt herself fly, before fall, fall past the balcony, tumbling towards the ground.

'IRIS!' She heard her dad yell.

Grinning, she focused, before feeling the weightlessness take over, engulfing her. She turned around and flew back up, before landing softly on the balcony.

'Heya.' She smiled.

Loki's face, which had become sheet-white, regained colour, and he engulfed her in a hug.

'Never do that again! You scared the life out of me.' He lightly scolded.

She merely giggled as he brushed some hair from her face. 'I thought you liked tricks.'

'Not when they scare the living daylights out of me like that, I don't.' He said.

When they arrived for breakfast, Iris noted five missing people.

'Dad, where are Thor and the Warriors three, and Sif?' she asked.

'Off doing something.' Loki couldn't quiet meet her eye.

'Ugh... my head... I knew I shouldn't of gotten drunk with Thor and that lot... where am I?'

'Where we warned you would end up.'

Týr blearily opened his eyes, only to be met with five faces.

'Good morning, warrior.' Said Volstagg.

'Ugh... where are we?' Sitting up, Týr allowed his gaze to scan the land, before turning as blue as the ground he sat on.

'Jötunheim!' he gasped.

'Indeed. I'm sure you were well aware of this – after all, Thor did give you fair warning.' Said Sif.

'So, we have brought you here. I'm sure you may well want to explain to Iris's grandfather the reason as to why you have been left here.' Thor said thoughtfully.

Týr froze. 'Grandfather?'

'King Laufey.' Said Hogun.

'I believe that is him now. So, we shall be making our leave!' Fandral smiled. 'So long, fair warrior.'

'Heimdall, when you are ready.' Thor said.

'No, wait!'

Týr could only watch as the five warriors vanished. Shaking, he turned to the approaching Laufey.

'So, what is this about a granddaughter?'

'Brother! We have returned! We have done as we said! Týr has been left on Jötunheim!'

'WHAT?! DAD!!'

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