Damn Shame.

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What. The. Fuck.

In the past year, V has turned into a fucking super model. She was always pretty, but in a cute little sister way, not I want to fuck you seven ways from Sunday type. I wasn't even sure that it was her standing at the keg. I watched her concentrating on pouring the beer into the sideways cup, keeping the foam to a minimum. This gesture makes me believe she comes out here a lot, pulling beer from a keg takes practice. 

I approached slowly, taking in all her features. Her dark brown hair was always long, but now it nearly reaches her waist. Her legs looked a mile long, even in jeans, which led to an amazing ass. Yes, I checked out her ass, and I don't even feel slightly sorry for it. It's an ass that deserves looking. 

When she turned to face me, it was almost like I was seeing her for the first time, and I guess I was because I was seeing her in a completely different way. She was slightly taller, reaching my chin. Her shirt dipped low in the front, allowing a small show of cleavage. It wasn't until she tried to come up with a lie about the beer, forcing her to look away that I was able to notice her boobs. Perfectly shaped boobs. Not too big, and not too small. Just right.

This has taken me by surprise, and I'm barely listening as Vance is introducing me to this blonde chick standing next to me. I grab a cup, fill it up, and take a hefty chug.

"Whoa dude, you okay?" Vance asks me.

"Yeah man. I'm good, just thirsty."

I'm totally hot for your sister.

I steal a look towards the way V went, she's sitting with a group of friends, a guy on her left with his arm around her shoulders. I'm feeling a bit possessive, I almost want to walk over and claim her as mine. Something I have no right doing. Maybe this guy is her boyfriend, that her brothers have failed to notice. This would be a good thing, for me, I don't mess with another guy's girl.

I feel cold hands crawl up my arm, which snaps my attention to the blonde. Her boobs are pushed up against me, as she rubs my biceps.

"Me too." she says in a voice a little too babyish for me.

She's pretty, but wearing way too much make-up, almost makes me wonder if she'll look the same in the morning.

"Oh yeah, you thirsty?" I ask her. She nods biting her lip. It's been so damn long that I think I won't care what she looks like in the morning, and I can't help but also think that it's a shame she's not a brunette.

A real damn shame.

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Very short chapter in what Chase is thinking and feeling. I hope you enjoyed it! Please vote if you did, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Fun fact: Bon fires/ field parties are pretty popular in my neck of the woods. A friend of mine was crazy and did all kinds of stuff, usually landing him in the hospital. He got himself a 3rd degree burn on his leg from being dumb. Fires are no joke ya'll!



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