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"His name is...Tweek Tweak?" My friend, Clyde Donovan asks as I sit with him and Token.

"Oh don't be mistaken, it has an 'a' in the last name and not the first," I mock him, "And he much."

"Oh, hey I know them! They own that new coffee shop, 'Tweak's Coffee,'" Token says.

"Maybe he drinks a lot of coffee and he's fidgety," Clyde says tossing the football around.

"Whatever, he's a freak. He looks our age...he's gonna be in our class," I roll my eyes.

"Great. Another weirdo in our class," Token says.

"Right! That's the last thing we need in this damn town."

"What we need are some hot girls," Clyde smirks.

"I second that," Token adds.

"I third that," I laugh.


"Oh, Craig would you set the table," My mom says.

She's dressed all fancy.

"Fine," I huff and get up.

"Oh and not the regular plates we use, the fancier ones," she adds.

I raised my eyebrow, "Who are we inviting, Obama?"

"Did I not tell you? I'm inviting the new neighbors over...the Tweets?"

I almost drop the plate I'm holding, "Mom, their last names are the Tweaks not Tweets...and you're inviting people over that you don't even know their names?!"

"You know what Craig, it's called being nice. And how do you know that I pronounced their name wrong?"

"I met their son earlier today," I say setting the fancy plates down.

"Oh...was he nice?"

"No," I simply say, "And that means we can't invite them."

"Oh Craig stop exaggerating," She says and the doorbell rings.

"Oh, shit your father isn't even ready --THOMAS! OUR GUEST ARE HERE! RUBY, PLEASE COME DOWN HUN," She yells and then looks at me, "Oh shit, Craig you don't have anything fancy on."

"Well, Mom if you would've told me--"

The doorbell rings again and she says, "One second...just, go put on a nicer shirt."

I roll my eyes and run upstairs.

I try to find something decent and I end up with some shirt my Dad got me last year.

I put it on and it's a little small but whatever.

I walk down the stairs to see that little fucker Tweek.

He spots me and his eyes grow wide and then quickly looks away.

I smirk and walk towards him, "Now you're in my house."

He weakly smiles and my mom says, "Dinner's ready."

This is gonna be fun.

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