Chapter 2

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Vic’s POV

The wooden door swung open to reveal Jaime.

“Yeah guys.” He sighs, “Come on in.” he says opening the door wider for us to enter.

I took in my surroundings; Jaime’s place was nothing like I imagined it would be. I imagined it would be messy. But, it wasn’t at all it was clean, neat and it was decorated nicely.

“This is a nice place, man.” I compliment as he leads us to the kitchen

“Thanks, but I didn’t do any of it, It’s all Alli.” He admits, “You honestly think I could’ve done all this?” he asks

“You can be unpredictable.” Mike says

Jaime just shrugs, and walks up to his fridge that’s plastered with pictures of Jaime, Alyssa, and what I’m guessing is his roommate, Alli. Saying she was beautiful was an understatement, even though it was just a photo, she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She had long blonde hair that went to her stomach; she had stunning blue eyes, and an adorable smile.

“Jaime is that your roommate?” Mike asks, pointing at the fridge, interrupting my thoughts

Jaime nods in response.

“Was she, or what happened before?” I ask, just as there was a knock on the door.

Jaime doesn’t answer, but just gets up to answer the door to reveal Tony carrying several bags, looking as if he would fall over any second. Mike and I immediately rush to the door and help with the bags. Jaime helps too as Tony opens the door to our place, and we all put our bags down and meet back up in our kitchen.

“Is everything okay guys?” Tony asks sitting down.

“Now would probably be a good time to explain, huh?” Jaime asks, rubbing his neck nervously

We all nod in response.  Jaime lets out a large breath before he starts

“Alli has a lot of personal problems; she didn’t exactly have a good upbringing.” He begins, “She has really bad anxiety and panic attacks and apparently while we were on tour she hasn’t been taking her meds” he says, looking down at the floor sadly. It was shocking to see Jaime this sad, he was always the life of a bad situation, so I knew that this wasn’t easy, “She had a family member die last year, getting something for her so she feels like it’s all her fault and she has her moments when she can’t take it and that’s when she cuts.” He finishes and I swear I see him wipe away a tear.

Self-harm was a touchy subject in our group, the guys know that I use to do it but that was way back in the day. I couldn’t help but feel the pain that this girl was going through.

“Jaime, do you want me to talk to her?” I ask concerned

“No, no, no!” he repeats, panic showing in his eyes, “She can’t know that I told you, you guuys have to treat her like a totally normal person, okay?”

“Okay man don’t worry about it.” Mike says patting Jaime’s back

“Uh, well I’ll see you guys in the morning okay?” he says heading towards the door

“See you!” we all yell as he walks out the door

“Should we be worried I’ve never seen Jaime that upset?” Mike asked

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