Chapter 1

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"Hyemi go clean the toilets and my bedroom or else no dinner."

How about I clean that mouth of yours instead? Okay that sounded wrong oh well less time near her.

Well since you all know who I am but you don't know the whole story.

Well while my mom was still pregnant with me she didn't know my gender since she wanted it to be a surprise once I was out of her stomach because she had a 100% it would be a boy but no. So she almost killed me but came with an idea I would have to be treated sorta like Cinderella. I am the second oldest out of her kids. Oh also when I was 8 my mom got someone to raped me. Now I have a phobia of people who I'm not close with that I touch or accidentally touches me I start recurring that memory and also phobia of the dark.

My older brother Mark from GOT7 well sister complex and is the most popular guy in college but is to be next to take over the business. He is also a player and hasn't found the right girl for him.

I have a set of twins that are five years younger than me- Ash and Jake. My brother was the one who came up with Ash because of Pokemon. They are really smart by that I mean they make a lot of pranks but also let me use them on our mom. My mom can't even tell the two apart she always gets them wrong. Well they are identical but still she is their mom for Pete sakes. And another younger one who is only 2 years old and well we named him Michael she was gonna call him Sydney. But my mom doesn't take care of him I do and he thought I was his mom when he first talk. I don't remember how but I did somehow got him to know who is his actual mom. My dad once you meet him he looks strict and mean but is actually the opposite. He well helps me after my mom abuses me.

All he does is yell at me when my mom is around but when she is gone he always ask the same question- why did I marry a woman like that? Actually we all have been asking that question. But he treats me like a daughter unlike someone.

Someday I hope my dad finds a woman who will actually love him and not treat him like a slave or servant.

I did what my mom ask but also mess up her hair dye so the next time she dyes her hair it will be very neon green.

The cooks made breakfast and unlike our mom we actually treat the workers with respect not like slaves.

"Thanks for the food. Ash, Jake hurry up you're gonna be late for school. Mark you too your girlfriend is getting on my nerves."

"Okay okay gosh I sometimes wonder if you were the one who was suppose to be our mom."

"You wanna go oppa."

"No not after the other time you made a bruise."

I rolled my eyes. I went to Michael and said bye to him. He smile and we went out the door since Mark is driving us.

He drop the twins off first and then me.

"See ya oppa."

I closed the door before he starts acting overprotective. I went to my classroom and sat down listening to my music. Them my friend came and ask about my older brother.

"You should have told me you were close to school cause I would have gotten to see your brother."

"Chill Cheri it isn't the end of the world."

Yep these are my two best friends. They know I'm rich but don't care and besides they're rich also. We have each other instead of the people who only wants us for money.

Cheri the girly one but not too girly since she doesn't wear dress that often only skirts. She knows everything when and where whatever happens daily. So she is like a news person who keeps us update on about everything.

The next one Jessi or prefer as Satan. She's into those paranormal things but not too into them since she can't handle a horror movie. She likes reading about them not watching. She believes vampire and werewolves are real but just hide it and live among us humans.

Cheri is in love with my brother and I ship it but my brother is so stupid and he doesn't notice it.

"So what did your wicked mother make you do this time?"

"Made me clean the bathroom the one she uses."


They both said and know what it like since I showed them a picture saying how can someone be capable of this.

"So your mom hasn't found out about your well secret."

"Nope and will never will."

What they mean is that I am a popular youtuber who does really good dance covers to about any song. Whether it be k-pop, R&B, or even hip hop or even American music that I create my own dance since most don't have one but the song is good. All the videos are over 20 millions views and even though there are bad comments. There are comments that say I produce the feel the artist has when they dance or sing. But no one knows who I am since I wear a cap to hide my eyes and a mask. I wear a normal long sleeves shirt and comfortable pants. But no one will ever find out since on the hat is a one of a kind design. The design is the same as the birthmark on my arm.

"Come on the bell ring we have to back to our assign seats."

School went by with my mom calling every 5 minutes even though I'm in school. I was about to go to detention but they were bribed with money by Jade.

Mark came and picked me up. Once we got home I met an angry mother.

"Why didn't you come home when I called you?"

"I was in school. I can't skip a day of school."

Cause I don't want to stay another day with you than I already do on the weekend, holidays, winter break, and summer vacation. *sigh*

"Well you know the rule-"

"Yes always have to do what you say the second you say it or else punishment."

"Are you talking back to me?"

"No ma'am."

I said through my clench teeth.

"Aw well I'm going to miss having someone who does all my work but not you. You are getting marry and you will meet the man tomorrow."


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