This is another new story! It's based off of beyonce's song 'best thing I never had'.


I was ecstatic. I was finally a senior and I was gonna have it this year. I had a new car, a silver Chevy Cobalt. It was little and cute. Perfect for me. I had no complaints because it got me where I wanted to go when I was ready to go.

Anyway, my eighteenth birthday was coming up so I was planning my big Birthday bash. It had to be perfect seeing as it was going to be my last birthday bash while in high school. I had the perfect boyfriend, Garren, who by the way was helping me set up everything.

Gosh I was so lucky to have him. I was still not over the fact that he was mine. This boy was so fine, words can't even describe. I mean I look good and everything- not trying to be conceited- but, I might as well have looked like Erykah Badu standing next to Trey Songz. Can you imagine?

"Yo, baby." A deep voice floated over my shoulder, breaking me out of my thoughts, moments before arms wrapped around my waist. "I know you probably rushed here, because you always running late, so I stopped and got you something from Mcdonald's." You see what I mean? Just perfect.

"Aww, thanks, Garren." I said grabbing the small bag he had gripped in his hand. I looked in to see he had gotten me a Mcgriddle. I loved these little things man they went hard! I opened my sandwhich and munched happily as I rested in the arms of my boyfriend. He sat contentedly behind me resting his head on my shoulder and waiting for me to be done.

Having finished my sandwhich, I tossed the bag on the ground under the bench I was sitting on. I couldn't be bothered to walk the two feet to the trash can. Garren burst out laughing when he saw what I did.

"Are you serious though?" He chuckled. "The trash can is right there. At least make an attempt to throw it from where you sitting." He reached under the table and grabbed my discarded trash and tossed it like a basketball into the trash can.

"Eh, can't be assed to do that either" I sighed lazily and leaned my head back against his chest.

"You lazy fat shit." He smirked looking down at me. Damn did I have to be all of that? I playfully smacked his arm.

"You are so rude sometimes." I smiled to let him know I was teasing. He was never seriously rude to me. As a matter of fact we haven't even been in a argument yet and we've been going out for like four months.To good to be true? I mean all couples argue don't they? Did that make us not a normal couple?

"Hola bitches!" My best friend Camron interrupted. I looked up to see her walking over with her twin Candiss. The only way I could tell them apart was because one had a tiny mole- or beauty mark as I call them- on her left cheek. That and Camron was the one with the big ass mouth.

"Call me a bitch one more time and you better be ready to fight like one." I warned her slightly serious. "And then you have the nerve to step over here speaking Spanish though?" She burst out laughing as did her twin

"Always so serious, man." She smiled and did a quick wave over my shoulder at Garren. I looked around her shoulder for my other best friend.

"Where is my Hubby?" I asked the twins. I didn't see Ashley anywhere. The catch was that Ashley was a boy. He just got lucky that his mom named him Ashley and he turned out to be gay. Can you believe that shit? My man ain't have to change his name or nothing.

"He's coming chill." Candiss said. I nodded and leaned back against Garren.

"Ayo what I tell you about calling some other nigga hubby?" Garren cut in late and wrong. "I'm the only hubby 'round here and that's how it better stay, feel me?" He said pulling out his phone and quickly texting someone.

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