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Aria's pov

"Beep, beep, beep" I grabbed my alarm clock and slammed it into the wall watching it shatter to pieces, "oh well" I shrugged and got up walking to the bathroom. I strip off all my clothes and get in the shower, once I'm done I walk out, wash my face, teeth, apply deodorant, dry my hair, straighten it, apply mascara, eyeliner, pink nude lipstick, walk out into my room and pick out my outfit. I put on my undergarments, bra, black leather jeans, white t-shirt, black leather jacket, socks, and finally my combat boots. I look at myself in the mirror and run a hand through my light brown hair. A sigh escapes my lips as I look into my grey eyes. I grab my iPhone 6, grab my binder with paper and a few pencils in it, walk downstairs, grab an apple, finish it and head outside. Once outside I get on my black motorcycle put in my fully black helmet and head to my first day of school how great (sarcasm).

Once everyone hears my engines roaring they all stop and look in my direction. I park and take off my helmet shaking my hair in all directions until it looks presentable again. I swing one leg over and get off. I feel all eyes on me and even see most of the girls glaring in my direction but I don't really care and keep walking. While walking I hear whispers and whistles, some even winked, and I must admit they were hot but just not my type. After I enter the same stares are repeated so I just keep walking straight with my head held high until I reach the office and walk straight through. Once I'm inside I wait for like five minutes waiting for the office lady to notice I'm here. After about ten long minutes I grow very impatient and swallow hard, getting her attention right away, " oh I'm very sorry dear, how may I help you?" She asks with a smile so I answer with,"um hi I'm kind of new here so I need my schedule" she smiles again and asks," name dear?" "Aria Smith" I say not showing no emotion at all cause that's just how I am. cold. She nods and starts looking for my schedule in all these files. Finally she finds it and hands it to me I mumble a quick "thanks" and head off. In my way trying to find my locker this tall about 5'8 blond girl with green eyes bumps into me and says a quick sorry I just nod and was about to keep walking when she says," you're new here right?" I keep my face neutral and nod again but before I can keep go she says," I'm Mayleen but you could call me May" I look at her with a bored tone and just nod again, getting irritated with her, she just smiles and I head off. After about ten minutes after the tardy bell rang I find my locker and put my binder in it taking a pen for fun cause really I don't plan on doing work. I look at my schedule wich I have algebra first period 'wonderful', fold it up and put it in my back pocket heading to my first period. Once I find the classroom I walk straight in and everyone turns to look at me, I just keep walking and head over to a seat at the very back of the classroom. " excuse me miss but who are you?" the old wrinkly teacher asks me "Aria Smith, I'm new here" I saw monotone and close my eyes laying my head on the desk. I hear him mumble some profanities under his breath and a smirk plasters in my face. Barely the first day of school for me and practically every girl in this school hates me. That truly is wonderful. As you can tell I don't show any emotions and really don't give a flying fuck about anyone or anything. But I have my reasons. After about five minutes from my arrival in class I still feel stares so I pick my head up and see popular fake girls glaring at me while the popular jocks are just smirking at me irritated with everyone and everything I just shout "what the fuck y'all looking at?, mind your own fucking business" and all the girl's glares hardened and turned around while the jocks smirks got wider and eventually turned around. The teacher Mr. Newton I think his name is just gave me a warning look. Finally after the bell rang I bolted up and headed outside to find my second period.

The rest of the periods went practically the same as first glares and smirks while I kept my face neutral and finally it was lunch time. I walked through the cafeteria's doors and people stopped and stared but I was pretty much used to it. I was making my way to a table way in the back deciding to sit by myself until I was pulled away from where I was going to find out that this slutty, fake blond, caked up face, with six inch high heels, probably queen bitch in this school, was the one who pulled me. I quickly rip my arm away from her and watch as she slightly stumbled from when I had pulled away. She came close to my face and said," look I don't think you know who I am but you better start loosing all the attention you're getting because it bothers me and a lot" her smirk was wide and everyone was practically surrounding us my face showed boredom and I just sighed and said ," what can I say everyone here can't mind their own fucking business and neither can you and if you don't get the fuck away from my face I will fucking do something that I won't regret" with that I smirked and everyone's face went shocked even hers and I'm guessing no one ever stood up to her pathetic ass.

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