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Blackness. I awoke to blackness. It seemed to engulf my senses, completely envelope the world around me. However, I knew the reality was much worse. Due to the shaking flooring beneath me, I was able to conclude I was still in the van. A sigh escaped my lips, I was still in the clutch of the absolutely disgusting and vile hunter.

My family made it. They made it to the safe place and that was all that mattered to me. I could only hope their new community would help to provide for them. I hope my mother told my brothers that I was safe, I hope she made up some lie to put their small minds at ease. My family completely consumed my thoughts. How was I going to make it one day under some stranger's control without them?

The hard flooring of the van bounced beneath me as we rode over the bumpy surface. As we took a sharp turn, my body slid across the large vehicle causing me to bump into one of the walls. My senses sharpened as each minute ticked past and soon I could easily hear my kidnappers voice.

"Really? JFK? Alright, I'll be there with the package in approximately 5 minutes." I was able to conclude he was speaking on the phone, that was the obvious bit. I remember my mom once talking about JFK.. I believe it was the airport in New York. She once told me about a trip she took with my father when they were dating. They each packed a large backpack and left New York for two weeks and spent their 14 days together backpacking across Europe.

Oh, how I would love to be doing that now.

"You awake dollface?" The man called. I grimaced at the hunter, but quickly remembered he probably wasn't able to see me. I found it quite humorous that he believed I would actually respond to him. It made perfect sense to voluntarily speak to the man who took me away from my family forcefully. What a meathead.

Luckily, the man didn't bother trying to engage in a conversation after his first failed attempt. He only turned the radio on, perhaps to ignore my presence. It was strange to be exposed to music once again after not hearing it for about 2 years. Sure, I heard a few people in the safe places singing every now and then, but it amazed me that some were still able to make a living recording and producing singles.

I definitely enjoyed the slow ballad that was playing, it reminded me of the songs I used to enjoy. The more I listened to the passionate voice, the more I realized how I never truly appreciated the little things until it was all taken away. My family once was so happy, now we were just a broken bunch of people living on the streets. I bit my lip in realization, I don't even have my family anymore.

The tires beneath me screeched loudly as the van came to a halt. I attempt to sit up, but am unable to due to the makeshift handcuffs that bind my wrists together. I couldn't remember when my wrists were tied, so I could only assume the hunter seized the opportunity when I was unconscious. The man slammed his door shut and was most likely was coming to hand me off to my new boss or another escort. 

The doors open and I was able to see some light flooding through my blindfold. He didn't say anything to me, simply dragged me towards his large arms and lifted me off the floor of the van. The man held my limbs tightly together, refraining me from attempting to escape. "Here she is, Hemmings. Feisty little shit she is." He states. 

He passed me from his arms to this new stranger and I could only hope that he was slightly kinder than the hunter. "Thank you Joshua, my boss will appreciate this package." I couldn't help it, I really couldn't. It wasn't my fault that spit happened to escape my mouth. My body was soon dropped to the cement and I winced in pain as my bottom and the ground collided. "Did she fucking spit on me?" The man, Hemmings, shouts. 

Joshua laughs loudly, "Good luck with her bud!" I listened as his loud footsteps bounded away from us and the car door was shut once again. The engine came to life and I hear the tires squeal in agony as he speeds away. Soundlessly, a pair of arms wrap around my frail limbs once again and lifts me from the ground.

"Listen dear, we can do this the easy way or the hard way," He explains to me as he resumes his walk. "The easy way is, I can be completely civil to you and maybe even take your blindfold off if you behave. Or, I could make sure that my boss punishes you the second you arrive to his home." He doesn't really give me time to choose, the man sets me on my two feet and wraps his arms around my neck beginning to untie the blindfold. I wait patiently until the blindfold is removed, instantly shielding my eyes with my bound hands from the overwhelming sun.

I'm surprised to be met with an extremely attractive young man. I couldn't believe that he worked for a gang. He seemed far too young and honestly was the type of guy I dated in high school. His tongue grazed the piercing within his lip and I wish he kept the blindfold on. 

"I'm Luke and you are?"


Luke nodded in response and grabbed my two hands, leading me into the expanse of the airfield. I watched in awe as many large planes lifted from the ground and soared within the sky. How were things like that even possible?

"Never seen a plane before?" He teased. Luke thought it was only a joke, but once I nodded he didn't bother pressing on. His hands were wrapped tightly around my wrists as if I may break away any second, I didn't blame him. 

We walked for a few more minutes until we reached a plane that looked quite similar to the double-decker buses that tourists used to ride around the city. The city. I was leaving it. The city that has been my home for 18 years. Here I was, being taken away from the place I've learned to love. Where was my new boss? If I was to leave in such a large plane, I couldn't imagine the flight only being a few hours long. 

Luke shoots me a small smile, "Here we go," He follows me up the stairs of the large plane, a tight grip on my shoulders. He pushes me past the women greeting each of the passengers and sits me in a large leather seat situated in the back of the first section. Luke's smile was almost contagious, I would be smiling too if I wasn't headed to my new gloomy future.


A/N: Yay another chapter done! This one is just a filler, but still exciting thanks to the small cameo by my boy Luke. 

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