Chapter 17

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I sighed as I entered my apartment. My mind was still on the lanky blonde. Well, since when was he not on my mind anymore. Sitting on the couch I lost myself in thought. We'd both admitted our feelings. That didn't mean I had a single clue as to where we stood.

"Your life just got better Irwin!" I heard a familiar voice enter my apartment. I rolled my eyes at the kiwi and turned to face him with a raised eyebrow.

"How?" I asked.

"Because I'm here," he smiled.

"Pfft we all know he likes me more," Michael said, moving past Cal and sitting on the other couch. Calum frowned and took a seat next to his boyfriend.

"How exactly do you know?"

"Because everyone loves me," Michael said as if it was the most obvious thing ever. I laughed at the two. Mikey moved so he was laying with his head in Calum's lap.

"True. At least I wear the pants in the relationship."

"What?" Michael sat upright and faced the smiling boy, "Hate to burst your bubble but I definitely wear the pants."

"Michael, you're a god damn kitten."

"Shut up. I'm punk rock."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am. Ashton, tell him I'm punk rock."

"Calum just let him think he's punk rock," I said as Michael glared at me.

"What do you mean think? I am punk rock."

"Michael, this couch is probably more punk rock than you."

"Nuh uh."

"It's true," I added.

"Fine, know what? We'll ask Luke," He said, dialing Luke's number.

We all waited as it rung.

"Hello?" That perfect voice answered and I instantly smiled.

"Wow Ashton. Calm down there mate," Calum said to me noticing my reaction.

"Luke we need to settle something," Michael spoke.

"No Ashton and I aren't dating yet."

"What? No not that. Oh and Ashton's right here you idiot."

"Oh crap. Did I say yet? I meant-"

"Shut up. We've got a more important matter here."

"More important than Lashton? I'm sorry babe but-"

"Lashton?" Luke and I both interupted Calum.

"Your ship name. Duh," Michael explained, "Forget that we need to figure this out first."

"Ok. What is it?" Luke asked.

"I am punk rock right?"

"That's it?"

"This is important Lucas. Take this seriously."

"Ok. Well uh...yes and no."

"WHAT? What do you mean yes and no? I am punk rock."

"No you are a kitten," Calum argued.

"You're a punk rock kitten," Luke concluded.

"I'm alright with that. Also, who do you like more? Me or Calum?"

"Calum or I," Calum corrected.

"You clearly weren't paying attention when we were learning this crap in english," Michael corrected Calum.

"Um...Ashton? Help me?"

"Hell no. I don't have a death wish," I informed the blonde.

"Ashton's my favourite then."

"That's not- we know he's your favourite but we were talking about me and Mikey here."

"Mikey and I," Michael corrected him.

"Well Michael sounds like he really wants to win..."

"What? Hemmings don't betray me here."

"I hate you all," Luke said before hanging up.

"Ok. New plan. Ashton, go to his apartment, make out with him and then tell him to say Calum."

"What so you're saying if I make out with you I can get whatever I want?" Michael turned to Calum.

"I'm not denying it," Calum smirked.

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