part 3

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Dan's POV
this is fine, I am just stuck next to a gorgeous man for the next three minutes... keep it together Dan!
"everything alright there?" the stranger asked. "oh uh, yeah fine thanks" I spluttered back to him, not very believably. "it's just you look stressed or something, heh" he rubbed his neck. "just thinking..."
"okie dokie" the man smiled back at him and Dan felt himself blush.

The ride began and Dan started to settle and enjoy the thrill o the ride when the guy next to him started screaming. Of course he is sat next to a screamer. He wasn't sure if it was fun or death screaming so he decided to try and ask. He turned to him and shouted a barley audible "ARE YOU OKAY?" but has no response. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and repeated his words. He was satisfied with the response "HECK YEAH THIS IS GREAT" and continued to enjoy the ride.

After getting off the rollercoaster the stranger blurted out "my name is Phil by the way" to which Dan responded "oh, well mine is Dan". They walked together towards the exit when Mr.Persistent started talking again.
"so Dan, what will be your next destination? I'm thinking that one!" he pointed to a smaller but still death-trap looking ride. "actually same" Phil smiled and stated that the friend he was with refused to go on any rides. Dan knew he wanted to keep talking to this beautiful human and had a perfect suggestion. "well I'm in the same situation, we could maybe.. ride together?" he was looking down at his shoes, blushing, why couldn't he stop blushing. He was startled when Phil grabbed his arm and as he looked up Phil's face had the most perfect smile across it, he could have melted. "great idea Dan! We are now ride buddies and this will be a great day, I can tell" he beamed. Dan was fine with this.

Talking with Chris had been so lovely he never wanted it to stop though fate was against him as his phone suddenly started ringing. "oh one moment, sorry" Chris nodded and continued to eat his treat. "hey Phil, what's up... oh really... oh well okay, that's fine, I've met a nice guy named Chris and we can hang out while you're with this Dan guy then... okay seeya later" he put his phone back into his pocket while Chris gulped down a mouthful of ice cream. "did you say Dan?" "huh? oh yeah, my friend Phil is hanging out with him." "that's a crazy coincidence, Dan is the friend I mentioned, remember?" "really! haha that is strange, I guess it was meant to be" as PJ moved closer to Chris he couldn't help but wonder why he felt so warm inside, but he liked it.

wow I didn't think I'd ever update this but I got into a mood so yeah. I'm sorry if anyone was waiting but I personally don't think anyone would care if this updated so :/ heh

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