part one

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Phil's POV
"PJ seriously hurry up! We have to get there early" Phil wasn't sure PJ understood how badly he wanted to go to the Universal theme park, The Mother Land cannot compare to American theme parks.

"Okay, I'm almost ready" PJ then took as long as humanly possible to style his hair. "done" Phil checked the time on his phone "great, twenty minutes late, let's goooo!" he didn't mind coming off as rude right now, Universal was waiting for him!

After a short car ride they arrived to the theme park Phil had longed to visit for what seemed his whole life.
"oh my god! see that roller coaster" he pointed towards the ride, "we have to go on that!" Phil's eyes were glistening at the sight. "No way! That would surely send me to my death" PJ wasn't one for roller coasters. "Come on Peej! I want to go on all of them!!" Phil's glimmering eyes slightly faded after PJ refused once again. "Fine. I'll go by myself if I must, but I will go on every ride with it without you!"
"Okay, have fun! I'll wait around here" Phil mentally cursed himself for having no friends that liked rides and proceeded to the line.

Dan's POV
"Okay so this ride looks amazing!" Dan pointed to a huge roller coaster, "What do you say Chris?" Dan was ready to go on any and all rides in the place, it was his first time in Florida and he had been eager to come to the theme park since he organised the trip with Chris.
"Err... No thanks, I don't think I'll be doing much roller coaster riding. Or any really" he rushed the last part with a slight chuckle. "Seriously! You're afraid of rides? You are the worst person I could have come here with." Chris hadn't told Dan earlier of his phobia for heights. "Oh please, like you have any other friends to come with." Dan didn't say anything to that statement because he couldn't deny his lack of friends. "How about I just wait here and you go have fun, yeah?"
"Then I'll have to sit next to a hairy weirdo who could potentially stab me or something!"
"I'll keep an eye out for riders with sharp objects, now go." Dan gave Chris an unenthusiastic nod and headed toward the ride without further argument.

Okay guys, so this is my first fanfic and I have a basic idea of what I'll do. It's not going to be very long but yeah.

I don't think this has been done before? Idk I thought of it at work and figured why not? We'll see what happens.

Let me know what you think??
Thankyou x

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