Online love *Koganei Shinji*

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You had started talking to Koganei online, it was just supposed to be something to help you to pass the time. It turned into something much, much bigger. You couldn't stop messaging Koganei, it made you so happy to know that someone out there actually cared about you, even though the two of you hadn't met in real life. You desperately wanted to meet him, and you knew that Koganei did too, it was just that the distance was too great.

That was why you were so happy when your mother decided that she would tell you some amazing news, you were moving to Tokyo! You could finally meet Koganei! Now, as much as that idea excited you, it also made you extremely nervous. What if he didn't like you, or if you did something stupid that would mess up your relationship.

Your mother could tell that you were freaking out so she started to comfort you, telling you that everything would be alright in the end. You had told her about your relationship with Koganei, but you knew that she didn't fully understand how you strong your feelings were in towards him.

You opened up your laptop and went straight onto the site, where you knew Koganei was waiting for you to get online.

'Hey, Shin-Kun xD'

'Hey, (First Name)-Chan, what has got you feeling so happy this fine evening?'

You tried to not laugh at his attempt to talk like 'a proper gentleman', you couldn't even remember why he had started talking like that. What you did know was, it never failed to make you smile.

'I'm coming to Tokyo!'

You held your breath, waiting for his reply. What if he didn't want to meet you, what if he secretly hated you?

'That's amazing, (First Name)-Chan. I can't wait to meet you :3'

Koganei had a light blush on his face when he read your message. "I'm finally going to meet her." He said slightly breathlessly. He had been saving up to go and see you since he had started talking to you. Knowing that you were coming here, he just couldn't wait to see your beautiful face.

'I can't wait to meet you either, Shin-Kun. :)'

You looked around your room and realized that you somehow had to fit your ridiculously messy room into about 5 boxes.

'I really want to keep talking, but I kind of have to pack up my room (*._.)'

Koganei chuckled at your cuteness, and quickly typed back a response.

'That will be interesting, considering you can't keep your room straight for more than 2 days. Just know, that I love you and I can't wait until I get to see your beautiful face in person.'

He always knew exactly what to say to make you blush uncontrollably.

'I love you too, Shin-Chan. See you soon. (#.#).'

You spent about 3 hours, packing up all of your stuff and when you were finished, you saw that your mother had packed up the rest of the stuff in the house. "Are you ready for a new beginning?" you nodded and tried to calm you heart that was beating ridiculously fast.

The drive took about 4 hours and by the time you got to your new house, you were super tired and all you wanted to do was sleep.

The next morning, your saw that your mother had left you a note.

'I hope you slept well, sweety. I had to go to work early, your uniform and other school things are on the counter.

-Mum xx'

You got changed into your uniform and found directions to your new high school, Seirin high school.

It wasn't a long walk to school and the walk was made much more enjoyable by Koganei messaging you the entire way. You two had made plans to meet after school was over and you knew that you wouldn't be able to focus for the entire day.

You were still messaging Koganei and you weren't paying attention to where you were going. You crashed into someone and your phone crashed to the ground.

"Ah! I am so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going!" You picked up your phone and put it in your pocket, then looked at the stranger that you had just crashed in to.

"(First Name)-Chan?" You knew that voice, "Shin-Kun?"

You felt strong, warm arms wrap around your waist. "What are you doing here?" He let go of you and looked you in the eye. "I go here, what are you doing here?" You shrugged "I go here too now." Koganei looked like he was about to cry.

"What's wrong Shin-Chan?" He shook his head a little and wrapped his arms around you again. "I just can't believe that I have actually met you."

"I can't believe it either."

You two stayed there, hugging for a long time. Even after the bell for the first lesson had started.

"I'm so happy to have you in my arms, (First Name)-Chan."

"I'm so happy to be here with you, Shin-Kun."


I have wanted to make this type of one shot for a while now, it just took me a while to figure out all of the details. I also thought that Koganei would be the perfect person, he is just so funny and adorable. The perfect type of guy in this scenario.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Just so you know, I go back to school in about 2 days, so no more super regular updates unless I have a ridiculously boring lesson then there will be a lot. Please don't be super mad if I don't update everyday, I will make it up to you guys. I promise.

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Bye :)

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