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" Twins? " we both said in unison.

" Soo I have I TWO babies in my stomach? "

" Yes ma'am one boy and..." He scrolled over to the next baby. " one girl! " he said. He gave me a prescription for ibuprofen, and vitamins . I grabbed it and went to the car. The car ride was silent . Not a awkward silent, just comfortable with the tunes on the radio. We pulled into the house , I went inside going straight to the room. I needed rest badly. I slipped on some sweats, and a tank top , and slid in bed.

I can't believe I'm really having twins. This is crazy, I love babies a lot but will I be able to keep up with twins? I really hope so, I just want to be the mother I never had. Speaking mother I wonder how mines is doing. It's been about a year and some months since we've spoken . But anyways I better get some sleep. I tightly closed my eyes.

I felt a kiss on my forehead .

" Thank you for having my first children , I love you so much baby. " a kiss went on my tummy.

" Seee y'all later .  " Ky whispered as he walked out . I heard jingling keys . I soon went into a deep sleep.

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