Last night was such a blur to me. Everything just happened kinda fast. I couldnt believe Brittany was acting like a bitch. I knew she wasnt woman enough to handle my business on the east coast so I ended things with her. But I was lucky that Jaida came through to see me. She was such a mess.

Walking out of my room, I seen her asleep on my couch. I went to the kitchen & fixed her breakfast in bed. She deserved it since her night turned out shitty.

"Good morning sleepy head."

"Morning." She mumbled.

"You hungry?"


"You need to eat something Jai."

"Im not hungry. I just wanna lay here in my feelings, okay?"

"Nah get up Jai. Let's talk."

I sat beside her, handing her the plate. She began to take small bites as she told me everything that happened.

"Well I found out Keenon cheated on me with not just one but three bitches."

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yes. Oh but thats not all. Liyah's one of the bitches. She also got pregnant by my brother."

"Damn Jai, Im sorry that happened to you."

"Thanks Mike."

She leaned her head on my muscular shoulder. I rubbed her swollen eyes & looked deep into them. She was lost. She didnt know what she wanted but whatever she needed, I was there for her.

"So are you going home? Did you need a ride?"

"I guess so."

"You can stay here if you want to."

Jai looked at me like I was crazy but I wasnt up to one of my antics. I was really being a friend to her.

"Thank you but I think Im gonna go to New York with my dad."

"Thats funny. I was moving back in a month."

"That is funny. How's Brittany?"

I took a gulp of orange juice before answering. I didnt feel like hearing her name.

"We broke up & I kinda dont wanna talk about it."


I went to grab a shirt & went to take Jai home. Hopefully she'll be okay once she finally heal from this heartache. I held her hand in the car & shockingly she held mine back. We arrived at her house. As she stared out of the window, I kissed her hand to let her know everything would be okay.

"You ready?"

"Yes." She somberly asked.


Sitting in front of the apartment, I began to reminisce about all the good times, Kee & I had. Stupid enough to believe that I was still in love with this fool. But I was so happy I had Michael to comfort me at this time.

"Did you want me to wait?"

"No you don't have to."

Exiting out of the car, I walked up to the door & unlocked it. I seen Kee sitting on the couch, watching tv.

"Dawg where you been? I been blowin ya shit up all damn night."

"Oh now you wanna check in on me? Please. I just came to get my things."

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