Chapter 2

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I watched as Ian floundered in the sea, screaming my name every so often. I was expecting to feel anger, hurt, betrayl. But I felt nothing; I was numb.

"Lydia!" Kelly ran to me and pulled me away from the edge of the boat. "What the hell were you thinking?"

I craned my neck to try and see Ian but guests from the party who weren't already drunk were blocking my view as they were attempting to fish him out the sea.

"I wasn't thinking." I answered emotionlessly.

"Lydia!" Kelly tried to shake me into my senses but I just stared into the distance.

"Kelly..." I whispered. I looked back at her and realized tears were streaming down my face.

A look of pure hurt took hold of her face. She was about to say something but someone's cry interrupted her.

"Lydia Ashdown! Where are you? WHERE IS SHE?" Ian's booming voice made it's way over to me.

"What is it, Ian?" I shouted over to him.

"We're through!" He spat at me as he slowly made his way over to me, completely soaking.

"What?" I feigned hurt.

"Yeah." He scoffed then ruffled his wet hair.

"So, you didn't get the hint we're through when I pushed you off your own yacht? I know you're not the sharpest crayola in the pack, but really?" I kept a blank face and a calm voice as I let him hear just exactly what he means to me.

He stood in pure shock for a moment then finally managed an answer; "How dare you. Who do you think you are?"

I laughed; "An idiot for wasting my time on you!"

I felt the yacht lurch into motion as it made it's way back to the pier. The wind blew into my face, sending my hair and dress billowing around me.

"You are just scum, Ian. You mean nothing to me, now." I snarled.

"Lydia?" Paul stumbled over to me. "Come on, Lyd. You know he loves you!" By now, the whole party had encirlced us, excited for the newest gossip.

"Really, Paul? See, that's what I thought, too. Until I found him cheating on me!" I screamed.

I heard the gasps surround us and Kelly tugged on my arm again; "Come on, Lydia. We're nearly at the Pier. Deal with him later."

Paul turned to Ian and laughed; "You did what, man?"

Ian shrugged half-heartedly; "You know how it is." His words stung me.

"Bloody hell, Ian! Who do you think you are?" Kelly let go of my arm and took a step to Ian. "You think you're so amazing and you're so popular. But really, outside your little group of mini-player-minions, you're hated the most in the whole school!"

Kelly turned on her heel, grabbed my arm and pulled me out the circle, heading to the other side of hte yacht to get off.

I let Kelly take me away but before I completely lost sight of Ian I shouted; "You're dead to me! Do you hear me? You're dead to me!"

* * *

A loud beeping tore through the silence of the morning. I groaned and let myself cherish the last moments of sleep before I would have to get ready to go out.

It had been a week since the graduation party on Ian's yacht and I had not stopped crying since. Of course my closest friends Kelly and Miranda had comforted me by saying it was normal to be this upset. I had been involved with Ian for a whole year. They told me that one day, I would realize that Ian was never worth it and that I need to move on. But, I honestly thought I would never get over his big brown eyes and all those lies.

However, as I rolled out my bed and realized how long I had been crying for, a whole new emotion filled my body. And I knew exactly who to call.

"Hello?" Kelly answered immediately.

"Hey, K. Listen, I need you and Miranda to help me."

"With what?" I heard her voice perk up a bit.

"Ian. I want revenge."

"I'm on it. Come over to mine."

* * * 

"I'm so glad you've finally gotten over him." Miranda smiled at me. We walked into Kelly's kitchen as she prepared snacks and plonked onto the sofa.

"Not completely. I just want him to hurt as much as I did."

"That can be arranged." Miranda smirked. She twirled her brown hair in her fingers as she stared at the floor for a moment.

"Yup." Kelly walked in and placed a bowl of crisps on my lap then grabbed a pad of paper and a pen.

"What are you doing?" I said bewteen a mouthfulls of crisps

"We need to make a plan. The Plan." Miranda reached over and ate some crisps, her eyes shining at the prospect of victory.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Kelly asked.

"Of course I do." The image of Ian and that blond girl together angered me enough to agree. 

* * * 

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