Chapter 5

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The sun rose and granted me a new found bravery. Yes, admittedly, I nearly convinced myself not to go through with the Plan today but, as usual, my pride proved to be bigger than my doubts. And as I showered and mentally prepared myself for the day, I hoped to High Heaven that I made the right decision. Glancing over the notes I spent most of the night working on, I found a picture of me and Ian stuffed after the back page. 

My heart stopped momentarily as I remembered what this picture was of. It showed us at the theme park; me looking off into the distance as Ian planted a sweet kiss on my cheek, the sun raining down on us. This was the day that Ian told me that he loved me. I remember when we got back to his house, he simply blurted it out as we were relaxing after our long day. Nothing could describe my happiness at that point. Or my bitterness now. 

Kelly and Miranda both arrived at my house "fashionably" late, both cynical and both dreading the outcome of today's rendezvous. 

"You two need to chill out." I commented as they took a seat on my sofa and I prepared them drinks. 

"I am chilled. I just don't know if you're doing this for the right reasons." Kelly replied with a concerned frown. 

I froze, juice bottle in mid-air; "Excuse me?"

Glancing at each other, they confirmed something using their weird mind-link that I never really had with anyone. Correction; I did with Kelly but that was severed when I met a certain someone

"We just think you may be getting yourself in too deep..." Miranda trailed off. 

Bringing the two glasses of juice over, with one only half-filled, I handed them to the sceptical girls and took a seat opposite them; "'In too deep'?" 

"Yeah, do you really want to get back at Ian, or do you just want him to hurt just as much as he did to you?" Kelly prodded. 

"It's the same thing." I replied simply. 

But before they could protest my warped logic, which I knew they were dying to, the doorbell rang. 

"She's here!" I squealed, jumping up. 

"Yay." They groaned at the same time. 

I rolled my eyes at their obvious lack of enthusiasm but didn't let that bother me when I opened the door. 

"Oriana." I smiled, gesturing her to come inside. 

"Thanks." She smiled at me, taking a step inside. She was just as cute and innocent as she was yesturday-minus the toddler. 

"Come on through here." I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the living room. 

"Oh, hi." 

"Yeah, hey, Oriana." 

 I grumbled to myself slightly at their obvious lack of enthusiasm but it did not seem to faze Oriana. She daintily took a seat at the end of the sofa and set her hands in her lap as she looked expectantly at my face. 

"Um..." After all those hours planning and constructing what this meeting and the whole Plan would look like, I failed myself when no words came to my aid. 

Oriana broke the silence; "So, what can I do for you?" 

"Well-" I began. 

"Why are you here?" Kelly set her untouched glass of juice on the tidy coffee table and leaned forward, her hair falling past her shoulders to frame her face. 

Oriana frowned and shifted uncomfortably before glancing in my direction pleadingly; "Lydia asked me to..."

"I know Lydia asked you to come." She snarled lightly, "But what I asked was why are you here? What's in this for you?"

"Kelly!" Miranda scolded her by pushing Kelly's shoulder's back and punishing her with a disdainful look. 

But the silence in the room which followed showed that we were all silently thinking the same thing; why had she agreed to such a notion so easily?

"You've met Benedict, haven't you?" She looked down as her shoulders slumped. "Well, his father left poor Ben when he was born. I was devastated, obviously...but even more so when I discovered he had been cheating on me for a few months. I was only around your age, you know; seventeen."

She looked up at us again and plastered a smile on her face; "So, when I heard what you said yesterday, I thought that this might be my chance to stop a guy turning into that sort of man..." 

Suddenly, words came to me; "Thank you, Oriana. Now, let's start." I let my usual smile and charm take over my guilt and pulled out my pink patterned notebook to show everyone the final Plan. 

"The aim of this mission is to make Ian regret the way he treats -not only me- but all girls. What we discuss in these meetings doesn't cross the door. Understand?" 

I looked up from my notebook to see two eager nods. Yet Kelly regarded me under her long eyelashes for a moment before submitting a curt nod. "Thank you." I mouthed to her. 

I flicked to the last page of my notebook where I had placed a vital piece of folded-up poster paper; "This will tell us everything that we need to know."

I carefully unfolded it before setting it out on the coffee table. I sat back in my chair to review my handiwork; I had transformed the white innocent paper into a map of our area, complete with colour coding and large red ‘X’s marking the target areas. Oriana and Miranda lurched forward to study the map but Kelly only craned her neck slightly, not attempting to move at all.

I ignored her childish behaviour and began explaining the map; “These crosses show us the places where Ian hangs out the most; the beach, the music shop, Paul’s house, the park and the ice cream shop.”

“Paul is his best-friend and they always have some sort of party in the summer; an exclusive invitation-only type of party which not a lot of people know about.” Miranda explained, clearly becoming more and more excited at the Plan.

“The last cross is school.” I pointed to the cross situated on the far side of the building I had coloured in grey (which subconsciously reflected by feelings about it).

“We only have one more day to go in; it’s more like a social event. By that time, we all know which colleges we will be attending…so it’s like a last farewell and goodbye to the school.” I grinned down at the page, most excited at the prospect of his embarrassment at this date.

“Ties, parents and the most fancy day of school…I like it.” We all turned to look at Kelly as she finally offered something to the conversation.

With a sigh, she slipped down from the sofa and joined us on the floor in front of the table.

“The first location will be this.” I pointed at the cross on the edge of the page, the one immersed in blue and green felt-tip pen.

“The beach?”

“Ian surfs there every Saturday morning at about 12pm.” I clarified.

“Stalker…” Kelly coughed with a smile.

“At least it’s coming in useful now!” I laughed.

“When do we go?” Oriana enquired, her expression more excited than bitter as it was before.

“What’s the day tomorrow?”


We all sat in silence for a few moments as we tried to mentally prepare ourselves for the idea of ‘tomorrow’.

“But right now,” Kelly turned to face Oriana, “We need to focus on turning you into Adrienne.” 

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