Chapter 4: Friend

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~Chapter 4: Friend~

I woke up lying in a bed that was fairly comfortable bed, the sheets and comforter along with the pillows were soft and silky. The room is big and round painted a dark purple that I like very much. My favorite color is purple. The ceiling is not your regular ceiling, but glass windows. Which over look beautiful blue sky that does not have any clouds at this time. Then something came to mind. 'How did I get here?!' I rolled over and saw a bundle of purple hair popping out of the sheets from the bed across the room. I could smell beacon down stairs. Now I know why I love beacon so much, I'm a dog. I pulled the covers off of me and stood up. Then I noticed the cherry wood floors, I saw my bag at the foot of my bed, and decided to take a shower. I grabbed my lavender shampoo, condoner, body wash, my tooth brush along with toothpaste and razor. I walked slowly to the bedroom door try not to wake Sophie. When I saw the bundle of apricot sleeping next to her. 'What a traitor.' I thought

I took a quick shower and lets just say it was the best shower in my whole life. The water came from the spring in the nearby valley. I wrapped a towel around my body and made it to my room. Sophie was still sleeping.

I opened my suit case and pulled out my bra, under wear, skinny jeans, a cheetah graphic tee shirt and my sneakers. I thought it was amazing how I fit a lot of my clothes in there. After I got dress I covered my rose mark with concealer, I put on natural eye shadow, mascara and lips gloss.

I walked down stairs. Uncle Louis was talking with Blake. Uncle Louis looked better this morning less stressed but looked a little ticked off.

'What did Blake do to tick him off?' I thought. But part of me new it was something else

Uncle Louis was wearing, jeans and a white tank top. I looked at Blake who was wearing dark blue jeans and a black tee-shirt. I think he likes wear dark colors.

I was taking it everyone is asleep still since no one was out here yet. Blake saw me and I think he was going to saying something maybe a 'Hello' or 'Good Moring'. I put my pointer finger to my lips, telling him to stay quiet. I tiptoed over to Uncle Louis who sat at the table where he was eating pancakes and beacon. "Good morning, Uncle Louis!" I said loudly in his ear.

He choked on his food. Blake laughed and Uncle Louis glared at him. "You knew she was there?!"

"Yep." Blake smiled when Uncle Louis frowned at him. I sat next to Louis across from Blake. I put pancakes and beacon on my plate. I started to eat. 'Gosh i was hungry!'

"Good morning, guys!" Aden said happily but still groggy, staggering down the stairs. His blonde hair all messy it reminds me of Uncle Louis yesterday morning. I think Aden was going for a comfy day; he was wear sweats and a black tank top.

I smirked at him. "Now who is the drunk one now?" I laughed at Aden.

"Shut it." Aden smiled and plopped down next to me.

Louis raised an eyebrow at me. "Long story, Uncle Lou!" I smiled at him. Uncle Louis grunted then shoved a pieces of pancake it his mouth. I took a sip of orange juice. "What's up with you?" I asked my Uncle.

"Nothing." Louis mumbled.

"Then why are you so grumpy?" I asked, cocking my head to one side.

"I said nothing!" Louis growled and I flinched. Uncle Louis was never like this towards me. Aden placed a hand on my shoulder sensing I was hurt.

Blake looked at me and saw my facial expression. Blake spoke up. "It sure doesn't sound like it." He said raised an eyebrow at Uncle Lou, then taking a sip of water.

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