SEVENTEEN | What's Best For You 2

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A/N: Helena in the MM.


So this is what it's come to. What in the actual hell. Was I meant to be a bitter person? Did god purposely make these things happen in my life to make me this way? I had carried this man's child and he had another woman already pregnant, and here she was about to deliver, meaning this whole time he'd been playing me. My blood began to boil, my temperature rising, I saw as the men went back and forth. Derek yelled that Marcus was nothing but a bitch. Marcus yelled that Derek was a has been and kept trying at something that would never happen. Helena was backing up Derek and going off on me speaking that I was a hoe breaking up her family. Then it all went black. Oh well.

I swung. Left hook. Right to the jaw. Marcus' face turned from the blow and when he faced forward again he went to backhand me but not before I slapped him again. He stood holding his face with a busted lip, I grabbed his ear and dragged his ass to an empty room. His ass was mine now.


Derek's POV

I can't believe this shit. Sitting here listening to how the hell Helena made her way back into my life, pacing back and forth on this hospital floor. Anna had taken Marcus into a room and locked the door behind her. If they were on good terms, I'd say they were fucking by the sounds and ruckus being made but I know damn well that ain't happening. Helena stood holding her belly in one hand and IV cart in the other.

"How've you been Derek?" she asked softly

"Why does it matter? I can see how you've been." I shook my head at her and looked toward the other direction. I would've left but I had to stay and make sure Anna was good.

"Derek you don't have to be so spiteful"

"And you didn't have to be a hoe, but we know how that went" I stood to my feet as the door opened to the room Anna and Marcus were in. She exited first with a busted lip and her ponytail a little messed up. She adjusted her scrubs and wiped her mouth.

"Derek can you follow me home and help me pack my stuff?" she asked blankly. I had never seen her this pissed off. She had beat the shit out of Marcus and left his ass on the floor in the room. He deserved it. He treated a queen like a fucking peasant. I know for damn sure it'll never happen again. Not as long as I'm around.

"Yeah, come on angel" I grabbed her arm and helped her down the hall, she shook me off and clocked out at the reception desk. Marcus finally exited the room in much worse shape than Anna. He had a black eye, a busted lip, a limp on his right ankle, and what seemed to be a crook in his neck. Helena seemed worried about him, and helped him in a chair before looking to me as I laughed and walked behind Anna down the hall to the elevator.

It was quiet. I didn't want to speak on it and she lose her shit. I didn't want to be absent minded and act as if she wasn't hurting either. "Anna-" before I could fully ask, she fell into my shoulder and began to weep. He cries seemed like they took up all of her being. She was engulfed in sadness. What was I to do? I hated seeing her like this but it was a pain that she needed to feel. The beauty in pain is that it goes away. I stopped the elevator as we fell to the floor and I held her in my arms in the same position you would hold a newborn. I let her let it out. "It'll be okay baby girl.. it'll all be okay, I promise" I kissed her forehead as she continued to ease the pain of her breaking heart.

The thought of me once causing her this much pain killed me. To know that I was once the cause of the same tears that streamed down her face. To know that I once set her back so far that it seemed she would never reset. To know that I was the cause of her cold heart instead of her warm embrace. It killed me slowly. I knew I fucked up when I let her go, and I had no choice but to work to get her back. It was on me now, it was all on me. I would repair it all, because it was the right thing to do. Anastasia needed me now in this very moment more than ever, and I'm here.

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