FIVE | Marcus Moore

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Anna's Condo in the MM



"I just wanna say that, I am so happy for my friend. There was a time where Anna didn't know if she would ever get married. She had some dark times. Some sad times.. but now all of that has changed.. to Marcus and Anna" Patrice spoke.

Everyone lifted their glasses and took back the wine in their glasses. The night was ending soon but it felt all too good to be true. I would be married in one week, just one. It was a destination wedding in Jamaica, that not everyone could afford to attend, so tonight we had a huge rehearsal dinner, before our flights left on on Friday. I was finally happy. I had a man who loved and adored me. Marcus and I met about eight months after my run in with Derek. We had known each other from the hospital I work at, but never really spoke, until one day he just asked, and I said yes. The rest is history.

"What's wrong baby?" Marcus whispered in my ear.

"Oh nothing, I'm fine.. just miss my mom.. she would've loved to have been here" I said to him. He kissed my cheek.

"It'll be fine baby, she'll be at the wedding." I smiled to him, and he flashed one back before spotting one of his boys and telling me he'd be right back.

My mom had grown ill over the past year and her doctors have told us many times that they don't know how much longer she'll have but we try and cherish every moment we're given. I didn't realize how sad I must've looked because P and Jess came over as soon as I picked my head up out of my thoughts.

"Anna.. smile, you're getting married" Jess said to me.

"I know, I know. I am happy, I promise I am, I'm just worried about my mom, you know." They both put on a sad face.

"It's in god's hands Anna, we just have to let him do his job and wait and see. Everything will be fine. Mommy will be fine" Patrice added. They both pulled me in for a hug and said a few slick comments as we all laughed and reminisced over the past years of our life.

Jessica was now living on her own, making good money, dating a few guys here and there but never anything serious. She was successful at working in IT downtown and being a makeup artist on the side. She was happy.

Patrice was now married to the guy that was separated but now fully divorced and married to her. The ex wife and her always clash because there is a child, and the ex wife is always overstepping her boundaries. We've set that heffa straight plenty of times. They were now living in Decatur and were a little ways away from Jess and I but we still saw her at least once a week.

"Okay, I'd like to have everyone's attention, if I can.. thank you" Marcus stood in front of us all and clinked his glass getting our attention. "Baby can you come up here?" I was shocked but I did as he asked, pulling down my fitted dress as I stood up and walking towards my fiance. He wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead.

"Marcus, what are you doing?"

"Hold on baby, I got this.." He smiled at me, and I blushed. "Okay everybody, first I wanna say thanks to everybody that came out to support us and celebrate this moment in our lives with us. I know Anna and I have been together for a short amount of time but it was something about this girl that made me have to have her. You know they tell you that you only find true love once in your life, and you have to make the decision of whether to hold on to it, or let it be the one that got away... I was determined to hold on to Anastasia. This woman is everything I have ever asked for. She's intelligent, beautiful, caring, loving, has the biggest heart, the biggest ass" everyone laughed and I hit Marcus playfully " but for real y'all I'm in love with this woman right here, and I believe that this could be the rest of my life standing right here in my arms, soo tonight this is to us.." he raised his glass and everyone soon followed.

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