The after math

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Care - I tried to be as quiet as I walk downstairs to get myself something stronger but I didn't expect to see you what I did.
Stefan -I woke up with a stranger and you never have to drink too much took me a minute to realize I wasn't in my own room. " what ?" He said quietly finally realizing he wasn't and his room and all he had was his underwear on(😜). He quickly looked around , then quickly grabbed a shirt that was at the bottom of the bed and then grabs his pants.
Care " mom " said surprised that her mom was home from work so early. She usually wouldn't be home until another hour.
M"so how was your night?" She smiles and poured you a couple coffee.
Care "it was usual why do you ask ?" She said and took a sip of the coffee.
M"well I noticed that Stefan's car is still here."
Care-I tried not to choke on her coffee knowing that her mom would never let her forget this.

< off of writers block and it was summer. But I'll try to be updating when I can thanks for staying with me for so long.> K.K✨💗

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