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~Stefan ~

• I was in the area when I smelt blood. I quickly followed the sent. I stopped finding Caroline, I stop and kneel to her and gently move a strand of hair out of her face. • " sh... Caroline. It's me Stefan . I am going to help you"•I slowly moved another hair away from her blood stained face.•" And I promise I will not let anything happen to you ."•I slowly moved , so now I was standing straight. Being the gentleman I am , I put my hand out to help Her up.•


•i slowly look up to see one of my old friend Stefan. oh great i think, not knowing what to do at the moment. so i just stooped crying and stared at the ground. i could never let Stefan know how much this upset me , i always promised my self to do good for others and here i was crying like a child who had lost there parents, for a man i just killed. i faintly sighed and then looked up at him and took his hand . I looked over at what I had just done. Then got this crazy craving for blood. I didn't know how but I started showing my teeth , like I was going to bite into someone's neck. I looked back at Stefan hoping he hadn't seen what just happened.


• i knew i had to get her away from this site before some one saw• "come with me" • i said then gently held her hand as i vs her to my house, then i led her in to my bathroom.•' Caroline listen to me"• i say as i got a wet paper towel and started to get some of the blood of of her beautiful face. then i saw hew fangs reaper, and i knew at that moment how i would help her through this•"when you fell the blood rushing, you tell your self that you going to get through it. that you strong enough."• i lightly cupped her face with my left hand.•" Caroline i promise , i will not let anything happen to you."

(sorry its so short . but tell me what you guys think so far. should i continue ? )

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