It happened that night {Part 2}

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I quickly got a towel and a change of clothes.i've been quickly vs ( used her vampire speed) to the I guess bathroom.I went to the guest bathroom because I didn't want to wake Stefan was still in my bed sleeping.As I open the bathroom door I took a deep breath and let it out.I still didn't know if what it happened was a good thing or bad thing. I mean don't get me wrong Stefan was my best friend, but I worried that would happen would change our friendship. I shook my head and try not to think about it for minute as I got into the shower.

I took a deep breath then moved so I was on my back.I so they opened by then looked adjusting to the scenery. Why was I in Caroline's room? I thought to myself.I then noticed all I had on was my boxers. I then looked around the room for Caroline after not seeing her I used my hearing.I heard the shower running in the guestroom and that's when I knew I had to leave.I quickly got out of her bed and Grabbed my clothes which were on the chair next to the I quickly got my clothes on I tried to recall what happened the night before.I was going back-and-forth in my head wondering if what happened between Caroline and I was a good thing or bad thing.I had finished getting dressed when I heard the water stop in the guest room.I quickly first downstairs and out the front door.I couldn't face her not yet at least.I need to figure out how , what it felt but it meant for me, and if I was willing to risk the friendship to have a more.

I got out of the shower then noticed I grabbed a Pajamas instead of change of new clothes . I sighed then wrap the towel around my body and made my way up to my room.I took a deep breath as I opened the door my eyes immediately looked at the bed.i've been let out a sigh of relief when I didn't see stefan in the bed.I then set my pajamas on my bed and got a change of clothes.I then went into the bathroom and changed.I slowly open the bathroom door and walked to my dresser, I then stopped noticing I stepped on I moved my foot to see what it was I noticed it was a sock. It was a men's sock, I then smiled.I couldn't help but smile.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Okay I'm sorry guys I have an updated but I've been trying to.but then I couldn't think of anything in school that in the way.but I have a snow day tomorrow so I thought I'd work on my book and at least publish this chapter. Please let me know if you have any questions about this chapter or any comments. And don't forget to vote✨ ~KELLI

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