Carlos~ Short and Sweet

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After Eliza left me in the library I did something completely out of character for me.

I went to go ask Del for advice. Eliza was angry with me and I had an idea why. Just not the slightest clue what to do about it, and It was making my head spin.

When I got in the Mansion I found Del sitting with his partner. I was surprised because they were smiling and laughing. In a few strides I was in the massive living room and I interrupted their conversation.

"Del, I need a second," I said. They both looked up in surprise and the girl gave me a kind smile. Del on the other hand looked guilty. He said he'll be right back to the girl he called Ana and followed me into the kitchen. I reached in the fridge and pulled out two cokes and handed him one. I had the house fully stocked before I arrived to it. I popped the lid and downed half of it before he spoke.

"It's not what it looked like Carlos, we were just working on a project. I would never hook up with a human. I scoffed. Like I care.

"No, I don't care about her, I wanted to talk to you about something else," I said.

He looked relieved. "Oh, what's up,"

"I fucked up with Eliza," I said. Both of his brows shot up.

At this point he looked amused but not at all surprised.

"What did you do? Wait, let me guess you ignored your new partner the whole day so you could hook up with girls," he said grinning.

When he said it out loud like that it made me sound like a real asshole.

I frowned. "Yeah and now she won't talk to me!"

"It's simple, apologise," he said. My face twisted in disgust.

"Apologise?" I repeated. I don't do that. For anyone.

"New solution Del, cause that's not happening," I said taking another swing at my coke until it was empty. Well this idea was a fail, Del was absolutely no help. Ending the conversation I headed to the door to leave.

"Carlos!" I turned to find Del looking bewildered. "Why do you even care?" he asked.

"I don't know-but when she's hurt, when I hurt her I get this feeling...and it fucking sucks,"

The last thing I saw before closing the door was Del's wide eyes. What the hell's up with him?

I hopped on my motorcycle and started driving through streets and alley ways just trying to let the breeze on my face clear my head. It didn't work. When I decided to start driving home instead I found myself parked in front of Eliza's house.

I stood from the lawn and spotted Eliza laying back on her bed flipping through a book. Is that what she calls reading?

I picked up a small rock that a found in the dirt and tossed it up in my hand and caught it again. I swung my arm up and chucked it up to the window hoping for a light tap. To my utter horror it crashed through her window spraying glass into her room.

I. Am. Fucking. Stupid.

I started cursing and pulling at my curls. She probably hates me now if she didn't already. I wanted to destroy something! I choose the closest thing which was a row of neatly planted roses in her lawn. I kicked at them relentlessly, with no mercy until I heard my name called.

My head snapped up to find Eliza's head dangling out of the broken window. She looked surprised and a bit hurt.


"Eliza," I breathed. Well I sound like an idiot. Shit, what am I gonna say to her? I know I have to say something to erase that look off her face.

"Why are you kicking my flowers and breaking my windows? I get that you aren't interested in being friends, no need to vandalize my house Carlos," she hissed.
This is not how I planned this to go. She thinks I don't wanna be her friend? I was baffled. I quickly tried to explain that I was not there to terrorize her and that I only came there to apologize.
"Look, can I just come up? I need to talk to you." I asked. The words felt foreign on my tongue. I don't make it a habit of asking people for permission.
She just starred at me. Her lips were parted and her eyes were wide. Our eyes locked on each other For a moment I felt my heart skip a beat and I clenched my hands. What is this? I feel ... I don't know. I shook out of my daze.
My patience ran out.
"Stand back, I'm coming up," I said. I could see she was about to protest but she saw my stance and that I was preparing to come up so she scrambled back out of my view. And in two seconds I was through her window and standing in her room.
Glass crunched under my boots and I looked up apologetically.
Eliza was sitting in her bed clutching her toe with blood on her finger tips trying to keep it off her covers.
"Fuck," I said. I went in her bathroom and got a towel and came back and put it under her toe.
"Do you have a first Aid kit?" I asked. Her lips were pressed together in a thin line and she nodded.
"In the bathroom under the sink,"she said. I went and grabbed it and cleaned her toe despite her protest.

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