Eliza~ Sexy Freaks

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Eliza POV
" Listen up, Class," Mrs. Taylor announced. "We're gonna have some new students in our classes next week. The treaty has been settled and the government has decided to allow the Falcon teens to come down and study us...up close and personal.

Each Falcon will be assigned to get to know, show around, and study a student, and in turn you will get to know and study them," she said. I heard some squeals of excitement from the girls around me.

Gianna turned to me and winked knowing full well what was on my mind. I don't know how I would react to seeing him again. How can someone make you feel sexy and hot all over then in an instant make you feel cheap?

The thought of him being my partner came to my mind but I dismissed it thinking the Universe couldn't be that cruel. There was some grunts in annoyance from the guys. What kind of guy would want a sexy species coming in and taking all the girls?

"I don't want no Falcon freak coming in and studying me like I'm some lab rat!" said a guy named Brody in the front row. The whole class exploded with comments about the Falcons. I heard "we'll be doing a lot more than studying together," from a girl behind me. Can anyone say SLUT!

My thoughts were cut short with a booming sound from above us. Everyone ignored it because they were used to hearing that now and then. But part of me wondered if that could my mystery kisser.

"Listen! Eyes here!" yelled Mrs. Taylor. She was usually soft spoken until students start talking over her and that's when you should be scared. One time she threw a mug with pencils across the room, and it crashed into a million pieces.

Gianna and I thought it was hilarious but the rest of the class had stared bug-eyed at her and had the good sense to shut their mouths.

I could tell she was getting annoyed.   "Now, you are to treat these Falcon's with respect. They are here to learn, which I can't say the same for most of you. Consider this as your fourth quarter final exam..."

I blocked out the rest of it because she began to talk about how how student like to start slacking at the end of the year.

After school I was walking to my locker with Gianna to pick up my Math textbook. I spotted Ashton walking with Tiana, the girl who had been glaring daggers at me at the party.

She saw me looking and gave me a smug smile. Ashton on the other hand was looking at me with such rage in his eyes and hostility coming off him in waves. It scared me.

I can't believe I was such an idiot to like that asshole. Gianna snorted almost reading my mind she said, "What a slut, that bitch is made for him. He'll just hump and dump her like the rest."

"Have you spoken to Toby today?" I asked. I remembered I didn't see him during lunch because Gianna dragged me to the library. Gianna looked around panicked.

"No, why? Do you see him? I've been avoiding him all day," she said pressing her self against the locker and hiding behind the door of mine. She's crazy.

"Calm down G, I was just asking," I said.

"Oh," she said. Her whole body relaxing. I would have thought that she'd have forgiven him by now.

As we left the hall we began walking through the parking lot and I heard quick footsteps behind us.

"Gianna! Wait please!," said Toby's voice. I noticed his brown hair was all over the place and he had dark circles under his eyes. Gianna turned around about to snap but I saw her face soften at his appearance and a look of guilt flash through her eyes.

Letting out a breath, she ran over to him and attacked him with kisses. He kissed her back desperately then pulled back with his hands stroking her face.

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