Carlos~ Lust at First Sight

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Carlos Pov 
I've studied the human species long enough to know that she was hispanic. She was pretty short, about 5-3, with a nice curvy body. I could hardly take my eyes off her dress. It showed off her large breasts, and curvy hips. It made me want her, and it pissed me off that this human could make my brain fog up like that. I never looked at a human female before. My immediate attraction to her shocked me.

I've never thought human females were very attractive- until now. I don't know why I started being a jerk- no that's a lie. It was that look of defiance and anger that I don't get very often...except from my father. But most Falcons either cower in front of me or idolize me. I wanted to claim that little attitude of hers and that foul mouth.

That was not the only reason that I was pissed. I crashed because of her! I had been watching her interact with a human with greasy hair and looking at her I immediately thought she was gorgeous. I observed them making out and oddly it irritated me. I decided to follow her movements in the house and I watched

some drama happen with no interest. Finally she led greasy hair guy out near a tree and was clearly pissed at him. I was completely intrigued by her, her eyes flared and her chin went up in contempt. I nearly choked on my spit when I saw her knee him in the balls and watched him drop to the ground.

I let out a laugh and my elbow went back into my landing lever. In my attempt to regain control I crashed. So here I was, and this sexy little Latina challenging me. I knew if I kissed her somehow everything would end in disaster, but I felt my control slipping.

"You sure about that?" I asked, weaving my arm around her waist and securing her to my chest. To my satisfaction I heard her breath hitch as she placed her hand to my chest attempting a small shove, but failed.

"What are you doing?" she breathed out. What am I doing? Just one kiss that's all I want. Then I'll let her go, cause I had a feeling I wouldn't be seeing her again.

"I don't know," I said. It was true. I felt like my body was on auto pilot.

"You can't just-" she started, but I crashed my lips to hers. I expected her to resist a little but she shocked me by moving her lips with mine. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and because I had to literally bend over to kiss her, I lifted her up so she wasn't touching the ground.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and I groaned in pleasure. She tasted so good and her kissing was as fierce as her personality. She tasted like no other Falcon girl that I've kissed. I grabbed her ass to support her and my hands went everywhere roaming around her body. Keeping our lips intact I found a rock and positioned my self on it, with her straddling me.

Before I knew it my shirt was thrown to the ground and she bit my lip. Damn everything about her surprised me. Who knew humans had this much...passion? It was almost too much- this was too much. I needed to get away from her, and fast.

I gently pulled her shoulders back. "Thanks, that was fun," I said trying to compose myself with a fake smile. "Now, I can say I've kissed a human, check," I said motioning with my hand, checking an invisible box. Her lips were slightly swollen from the kissing and her eyes had been wide with...excitement? I watched her eyes narrow and her face turn cold and thought-shit.

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