Chapter Two

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Shortest Horror Story: Monday. The end.

I hate school so much. I don't get bullied, just shunned and ignored. I felt like such a waste of fresh air, why didn't I just die that night in the fire? People stared, again, at my new scars plastering my face, but I kept my head down as usual, and ignored the numerous times I caught Louis staring at me. He was annoying me. Even though I barely knew him. 

It may shock you to know, but I have a very twisted childhood, so it's more than a little difficult to make friends. Even Louis, who seemed perfectly friendly with everyone. He was actually chilling with the popular kids, despite only having one day in this place. What a pathetically perfect life. Jealous much? Oh you bet. I had so much to envy from other people, kind of insane how much they took for granted and what I didn't even own. So I didn't bother with him, or anyone really on that matter.

I would spend my weekends either locked in my room, fiddling on my old, out of tune guitar, walking in the ruins of our old home, or cleaning the house for Dad and Greg. No time with Brad, the only half decent guy in this school who didn't beg and beg to know what had happened in my childhood. So we just stick. Also coz he's a loner too. 

But walking home, today, was different. I normally walk home alone, staring enviously at others who got picked up from school in stupidly posh cars, or who walked home in packs, with their friends. But today, someone wanted to walk with me, I realised, as I walked casually in the estate alleyway between nearby houses. Guess who?

''Niall! Wait a sec'' I heard Louis call from behind me. I froze, unsure if I should ignore him and keep walking, or turn at wait for him. I continued to walk. ''Niall!'' Louis called loudly. I turned, and realised he was suddenly right next to me. I jumped, and yelped, and almost shoved him away from me, naturally in shock, then I held my arms in.

''What d'you want?'' I asked. Only now did I realise I was panting. So was Louis. He bit his lip.

''I.. uh, want to know-'' he broke off, and scratched his shiny hair. ''Wanted to know what those scars were from.''

This time I shoved him backwards, and he stumbled into the hedge, suddenly engulfed in leafs. I could hear him spluttering, then he hauled himself up, and emerged from the undergrowth. No one, no one, should know about the abuse at home. Not even the trustworthy ones. Only Brad knew. And that's because I was drunk when I told him. He tripped a little, even then, so I caught him, gripping onto his wrist. He blinked, and nodded at me, as I helped him up.

I was shocked at myself. Why did I just help him? I began to walk away, embarrassed and dizzy, but Louis grasped my arm. His hand was sweaty and clammy, and unwelcome.

''What?'' I yelled, suddenly furious of his sickening determination to talk to me.

''Why did you push me?'' Louis demanded. Ah. I looked away, feeling guilty. Guilty? What was I smoking in my brain?

''Because no one should know about my past. They're stupid if they ask about my scars. It's not your business.'' I said flatly. Louis sighed, looking defeated. ''You shouldn't worry about me. I'm a nobody''

Louis looked scandalised, and reached for my hand. What the fuck? I drew away, disgusted, and scowled at him. ''This isn't a pity party! I don't need your consolation! Just leave me alone!''

I wanted to leave, to get away from his invading questions and sudden warmth toward me, but I didn't move. I couldn't make myself. Neither could he.

''I.. uh...'' Louis started. I shook my head, and finally plucked up the courage to leave Louis, looking hurt and alone in the alleyway.

It began to rain, heavily and quickly, but I ignored, as I walked speedily through the dull, grey houses, under the dull grey clouds, dull everywhere I looked. Even worse when I turned the corner into the drive of our large house. It was larger than the others in the community, our older house used to be smaller, more modest, and I preferred it. This house was cold, with cold hearts and lonely hearts.

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