Chapter Six

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Niall's POV:

I know this may sound ironic, but I was actually really looking forward to leaving for the fitness excursion with the school. I was desperate to get away from the down grading intimidation and pressure from my tempetuous family. Sayin family, more as other people who shared the same home and a few pints of blood of DNA in similarity. 

So as you can imagine, the day I was leaving, I was frantically packing my toiletries and nightwear into the top of my bulging bagpack, anxious to be leaving my home and out to a place I had never been before, where I might enjoy myself. For the first time in years. I swung the bag onto my back, slightly hurting it with the enormous weight digging into my spine, but I ignored it idly, and jogged down the stairs, just about to enter the kitchen to say goodbye to Greg and Bobby, when I froze.

I didn't need to say goodbye to them. It was just five days I would be there... and they wouldn't miss me. They'd just miss the fact there wasn't that little blond slave to clear up their own mess and tidy up their house. I could hear them talking, and suddenly hoped they wouldn't have heard me, and silently crept backwards, and then opened the front door very quietly, and snuck out into the outdoors, where I began to walk to school.

I felt something climb off me. Like a huge weight off my chest, something I had desperately trying to get away for years, and it felt like... I couldn't piece it directly, but I knew I felt better from being outside that house, and knowing I didn't have to go back there for five whole days. I had more spring to my step, I noticed, looking down at my fast feet as I crossed the road, toward the school where the couch would pick us up and take to a whole new place.

The couch was nice, cosy, clean, and the seats were comfy, I thought, as I rested myself upon one at the back of the bus, and then curiously eyed Brandon who was carefully avoiding sitting close to me, I noticed, as he cast me a death-glare, then pointedly took a seat right at the front, with another sad, spotty boy, Dominic. Well screw him. Maybe I would prefer having no friends now.... I sighed heavily, and rested my head against the cool window, watching the rain slowly drip down the glass, and then fall onto the ground, one at a time...

''Hey Niall! Mind if I sit here?'' 

I gasped, and sat up so abruptly I knocked my head off the top of the chair, and grimaced, and then scowled when I saw that Louis was standing there, looking beckoning, but just gorgeous. His grey-green eyes stared down at me with that same exposing stare that I detested, and he wore an agonisingly tight blue top and loose navy jeans and a cool, black leather jacket hugged over his broad shoulders. 

''Gawd, I'm sharing a dorm with you, can you at least spare me this?'' I asked sourly. Secretly, I was pleased Louis wanted to sit next to me. I liked his company. Louis narrowed his thin eyes. 

''No need to be coy,'' he said, suddenly smiling, but the warmth of his lips not quite reaching his sceptical eyes. I watched him with a disgusted look adopted on my features. ''So how are you, Niall?''

''I'm just glad to be getting away from home, I guess,'' I shrugged, looking back out the window, aware that Louis was still giving that penetrating stare. Louis opened his mouth to say something, then-

''Oi, Louis, why don't you come sit here with me?'' I heard someone else call. I turned round, and saw Harry Styles, one of the more popular, man whore, girl hogging boys of the year, patting the unnoccupied seat next to him, an anticipated look in his eyes. Louis sighed a little.

''Sorry Hazz, I'm staying here with Niall,'' Louis said apologetically. Harry frowned, then sat up to get a better look at me, the frowned even more, obviously confused that Louis would sit with a loner like me. I didn't think twice, and threw him a dirty look back, then stuck up my middle finger. Harry rolled his eyes, and sat back down petulantly into his seat.

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